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policy and procedure manual

The Basis Of A Good Policy And Procedure Manual Is Making It Clear, Easy To Follow, And Accurate! Is Yours All Three?

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: November 12, 2018

With home care regulations changing so frequently, having an updated policy and procedure manual is very important. In fact, if you are not evaluating the accuracy of your manual routinely, it probably isn’t up-to-date. This is a compliance and operational problem for agencies. A Policy And Procedure Manual In The Past: Manuals used to be… Read the full article >>

Chronic Disease Education

Does Your Chronic Disease Education Program Make Honor Roll Or Just Pass The Test? Grade Your Agency Paper And Upgrade Your Teaching Model To Generate Happier Employees And Better Patient Outcomes!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: November 7, 2018

The most important thing in chronic disease education is the overall program evaluation. If you don’t know the overall efficacy of your chronic disease program, then you will miss the mark.  Let’s look at how to grade your own test and make the program better than ever! 5 Things Need To Be On Your Grade… Read the full article >>

Lost-Very Lost

What’s In A Name? Does Your Policy And Procedure Manual Mean Different Things To Different Employees? Make It Easy And Straighforward. It Should Be An Easy To Follow Road Map And Not A Never-Ending Maze!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: November 6, 2018

There is a lot of focus on home care changes in the last several years. COP changes, the new pre-claim review, EMR intergration etc.  However, all these changes occur around what appears to be a stagnant policy and procedure manual.  As much as your day-to-day operations change, your manual should reflect the same. Most of… Read the full article >>


You Know Oasis Is Important. This Isn’t New. But How Do You Keep Your Clinicians Excited About It? The Gold Is In Your Trainer!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: November 2, 2018

Oasis… Oasis… Oasis… Do you ever find it hard to get staff excited about it?  Then, you are not alone. Keeping things fresh year after year can be frustrating. Let’s look at ways to make your training memorable. Common Things That Can Make Training Ineffective: After years of completing Oasis, it can be something that… Read the full article >>

chronic disease education

Ring The Bell! School’s Back In! Making Your Chronic Disease Education UntouchableTo The Rest!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: October 31, 2018

Home care always changes. Agencies deal with changes in reimbursement and regulations all the time. There is one thing that doesn’t change; the need for chronic disease education.  Let’s look at some ways a great program can make you more marketable and help your bottom line. Wait, Doesn’t Extra Education Cost Me Money?: As an… Read the full article >>

stressed doctor

Are You Freaking Out About Pre-Claim Review? Are You Wondering How To Get The Docs On Board With Your Timeframes? You are Not Alone, But Don’t Be Afraid. Prepare Them Now!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: October 23, 2018

Most agencies know the Review Choice Demonstration to be the new Pre-Claim Review. In order to make things flow smoothly, have all your ducks in a row first. However, you may feel getting your documents back from the MD may be impossible.  If so, let’s look at ways to ease the burden. 4 Ways To… Read the full article >>

policy and procedure manual

A Policy And Procedure Manual Is Much More Important Than What You Realize. Why Updating It In A Regular Basis Is Like Putting The Car In The Shop To Make Sure It Runs Like A Well-Oiled Machine.

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: October 22, 2018

Your policy and procedure manual is something that needs attention to be functional.  This should not be new information. But, looking at your manual with objective fresh eyes may be.  Let’s look at some things you may overlook in updating your manual, especially in the clinical realm. Job Descriptions: When you look at your policy… Read the full article >>

Home Care Partnerships

Are You Missing Something In Your Home Care Partnerships? Do You Know Why? Look Through Objective Eyes At Your Own Program To See If It Does What You Think. You May Be Surprised!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: October 19, 2018

If your home care partnerships feel like a one-way street, then you need to look at how to change the process.  Partnerships don’t work well without the give-and-take expected from all parties involved.  Let’s look at why cleaning your own house is important while moving forward with a home care partnerhip. ACOs, Value Based Purchasing,… Read the full article >>

Chronic Disease

How Do You Really Approach A Large Home Care Aide Program When It Comes To Chronic Disease Management? If It Seems To Overwhelming, Then Start With Online Education!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: October 17, 2018

When asked about chronic disease education programs, smaller agencies often find the process easier to manage. When you start talking about large agencies with vast numbers, most agencies cringe a little bit.  It can seem overwhelming. And, also really expensive.  If you don’t know where to start, then you are at the right place. Look… Read the full article >>

policy and procedure manuals

What’s In Your Policy And Procedure Manual? Is It The Nuts And Bolts Of Your Business? Why Or Why Not?

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: October 15, 2018

Policy and Procedure Manuals may be something you don’t think about in your day-to-day operation.  You run your business making decisions everyday. Maybe the idea of your manual is just for procedures and not about personnel management or development of a smooth running agency.  Let’s make sure you see the value of updated policy and… Read the full article >>