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Thank you

Thank You For Being A Part Of The Homecare And Hospice Mission!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: March 15, 2019

Whether we have provided direct services or you are a newsletter subscriber, Kenyon wants to wish you a prosperous 2019. Our consultants appreciate all the time and effort you put in to be a part of the homecare industry. Let us know if we can be of any additional support for you moving forward! Here are some… Read the full article >>

Regulation Changes

Having Trouble Keeping Up With Regulation Changes And Day-To-Day Business? See Why A Mock Survey Can Help You Get On Track Before The Real Thing!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: March 13, 2019

Today, home health regulations change more than ever. Yes, the basics of regulation are still there, but showing compliance looks a lot different than it used to be. It may seem tough just running the day-to-day operations without trying to prepare for PDGM and any changes within your state. Let’s look at how to keep… Read the full article >>


Breaking Down The Evolution To The Oasis D Tool. From Clinical Assessment To Data Collection, Why This Document Is More Important Than Ever!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: March 11, 2019

Remember the first Oasis tool? It seemed so cumbersome. Think stapled assessment tool that just made more work for clinical staff. Well, we had not seen anything yet! As the tool has evolved from its original to the current version, the industry has had to evolve too. If you aren’t sure if you are there,… Read the full article >>

starting a homecare agency

Starting A Homecare Agency Takes Time. Don’t Try To Do In Minutes What Takes Hours or You Will Be Battling Uphill From Start To Finish!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: March 8, 2019

You may see a lot of info out there about starting a home health agency. Maybe you don’t want to be a Medicare provider. Starting a homecare agency means less hoops to jump through compared to Medicare, but you still need to complete the steps properly. Here are the steps to make sure you start… Read the full article >>

regulatory compliance

Do You Think Talking About Policy And Procedure Manuals Is Boring? If Yours Makes You Yawn, It Is Time To Get A New One!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: March 4, 2019

You are tired of thinking about policy and procedure manuals.  You have staffing, personnel, and patient issues to handle. If you think about it, then well-constructed manuals can help with all of it. Make sure your manual is a help instead of a hindrance. Whether addressing personnel issues or patient policy, an updated manual is… Read the full article >>


What Does Your Bottom Line Look Like In PDGM? How Do You Find Out? Are You Scared You Might Sink The Ship?

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: March 2, 2019

In order to stay ahead in the Medicare home health world, you have to think ahead. If you are reactive, then you can easily find yourself way behind. Moving forward in the PDGM world, you need to understand the formula and how you will be impacted. Make the changes now to prep for success. How… Read the full article >>


Chronic Disease Program Management: Are You Ready To Make It Work Instead Of Treading Water Doing The Same Old Thing?

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: February 22, 2019

Chronic Disease Program Management is one of those things that is sometimes put on the back burner. You worry about finances, referrals and staffing to cover the patients you have as well as being able to staff new ones. Coding and Oasis and compliance are in there too. It may seem one takes the front… Read the full article >>

home care start-up

Starting A New Homecare Agency? Want To Add A New Service Line? Make Sure You Are On Solid Ground First!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: February 20, 2019

Can you start a new homecare agency on your own? Yes. Is it kind of like walking into quicksand if you don’t have a map. Absolutely. Here is a way to start your process on solid ground with the right kind of experience from the beginning. Law And Order: You have both federal and state… Read the full article >>

policy and procedure manual

A Great Policy And Procedure Manual: Why It Can Be A Best Friend In Human Resources!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: February 18, 2019

When administration talks about tough parts of the job, it often isn’t regulation.  The most time-consuming portion is personnel. Right? Well, here is the perfect reason why a great policy and procedure manual can make things a whole lot easier to manage. Compliance: Whether accredited or not, compliance to regulations is key. You need a… Read the full article >>

home care marketing

3 Simple Suggestions For Your Home Care Agency’s Marketing

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: February 15, 2019

Between taking care of business needs and making sure patients are receiving the highest quality of care, it can be difficult finding time to build a marketing and sales strategy. That said, marketing and sales are a vital part of maintaining and growing the success of your business.  Client And Employee Referral Program  Even if… Read the full article >>