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chronic disease education

5 Ways Cardiac Nurses Help Manage A Homecare Chronic Disease Program?

By Shelly Barrett | Published: February 15, 2018

Currently, CDC says 80 million Americans suffer from cardiac disease or chronic disease. 1.5 million Americans suffer heart attacks annually. With serious heart conditions in the U.S.,  a good homecare agency benefits from programs dedicated to cardiac care. To have that program, you need cardiac nurses on staff. What Roles Do Cardiac Nurses Fill? Nurses… Read the full article >>

ICD-10 Coding

Why ICD-10 Coding Needs To Be Your Home Health Holy Grail

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: February 8, 2018

Many know “The Holy Grail” from a certain Charleston Heston movie which shall go unnamed (involving a final “crusade” for the magical cup). The holy grail is found to deliver happiness, everlasting youthfulness, and unlimited supplies of food and other necessities. What is the holy grail in home health? One good answer would be ICD-10… Read the full article >>

How Will Self-Driven Trucks And Autos Impact Health Care?

By Denise | Published: February 8, 2018

  The Impact of Self-Driven Trucks and Autos On The Home Care Business “Tractor-trailers without a human at the wheel will soon barrel onto highways near you. What will this mean for the nation’s 1.7 million truck drivers?” Article by David H. Freedman. According to an article written in the MIT Technology Review It is predicted… Read the full article >>

Chronic Diseases

Manage Chronic Diseases Properly Or Pay Royally

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: February 1, 2018

The home health system has grown in recent years, and is expected to continue. One factor driving growth is chronic diseases and their high cost. Heart failure, type 2 diabetes, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, and other chronic conditions are present in 80% of elderly. 2/3 of older adults have two or more chronic diseases. This led… Read the full article >>

Specialty Services

Using Psych Nursing As A Specialty Service To Improve Patient Care And Profit Margin

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: January 27, 2018

There are shortages of almost every type of specialty nurse today. This is very true in home health psych nursing. To improve patient care and boost your agency’s bottom line, offering pysch nursing as a specialty service, or other market specialty services that your competitors can’t offer, will  making your homecare organization stand out. The… Read the full article >>

ICD-10 Coding

Strategic Partnerships Are Key to Patient Care

By Shelly Barrett | Published: January 7, 2018

The changing face of the healthcare industry has many facets to explore, both unexpected and also quite complex. But the whole industry fits together and functions as a single whole, and ideally as a united system that puts patient’s needs first. Home health & hospice may seem like a totally separate branch of healthcare, because… Read the full article >>

Maintaining Ongoing Successful Partnerships With Doctors

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: December 30, 2017

Forming and developing strategic partnerships with MD’s is key to success of today’s home health care agencies. In fact, competition is fierce in the arena of doctor-homehealth relationships. And the rapid growth of the homecare industry in recent years has created a situation in which doctors and homecare practitioners must work in harmony for the… Read the full article >>

Boosting the bottom line with specialty infusion services

By Shelly Barrett | Published: December 23, 2017

  Whether you are just starting up a new home health agency or contemplating striking out in a new direction to expand you horizons (and boost your bottom line), adding specialty infusion services to your agency’s expertise will create a significant market differentiation. Predictions are that demand for infusion specialty nurses will continue to rise… Read the full article >>

Top 6 Ways to Begin Developing Strategic Partnerships

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: December 14, 2017

Developing strategic partnerships with other providers is not optional in the home health & hospice industry. Without them, you rely on “random” walk-ins and call-ups without any reliable source of new clients. You might survive without strategic healthcare partnerships, but you will certainly not thrive. Partners help you improve care for patients, greatly boost referrals,… Read the full article >>

Strategies For Educating Staff On ICD-10 Coding

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: November 22, 2017

Coding education is as important as coding itself. And with the periodic updates to ICD-10 coding, the eventual arrival of ICD-11, and the frequent industry changes, you cannot afford to fall “behind the 8 ball” on staff education. Remember when ICD-10 was first implemented? Industry experts warned that all staff, not just coders, would need… Read the full article >>