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Moving Into 2020: Wrapping Your Head Around Evolving Clinical Staff Into The New PDGM Model Of Care. By The Way, This Includes Every Person Who Sees The Patient.

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: January 18, 2019

This is a big time for transition in homecare. This industry just came off a year with the first changes to the Conditions of Participation in decades. It is a big deal. Now, you are faced with new a payment model for 2020. If you think this is just about payment, then you need to research more… Read the full article >>

Ducks in a row

So, You Want To Start A Homecare Agency. Do You Know What Kind Of Homework To Do? Check This Out To Make Sure All Your Ducks Are In A Row First!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: January 16, 2019

If you want to start a homecare agency, then you need to take some steps before you jump in with both feet. Let’s look at some things to consider in a start-up.  Top 5 Things To Consider To Start A Homecare Agency:  Moving forward successfully means you must research ahead of time to have your ducks in… Read the full article >>


Are You Abusing Your Policy And Procedure Manual? Read This to Understand Why Misuse Can Abuse Your Policy. Make Your Policy An Asset Instead Of A Hindrance!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: January 14, 2019

Let’s face it. This is a litigious world. You run your agency the best way you know how. If you make the patient the focus, then you should be good. Right? Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Let’s look at ways to make sure you unknowingly don’t “abuse” your policy and procedure manual.   The “Do Not” Of The Policy… Read the full article >>

regulatory compliance

The Year Of The CERT: What CMS Learned And How You Need To Cover Yourself To Get Paid!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: January 11, 2019

Many of you will read this and know exactly what CMS learned. The home health industry has been dealing with lots of changes in the last several years.  However, recent audits have alerted CMS to some issues with plan of care compliance.  Changes In The Conditions Of Participation:  If agencies focused on only the big changes to… Read the full article >>

Do You Want To Start-Up Your Home Care Agency With Accreditation? Here Is What You Need To Know To Start Off On The Right Foot.

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: January 10, 2019

Well, you may be at the stage of your home care start-up where you have an NPI and Tax ID. Now, you decide whether you want a home care agency with accreditation or not. Let’s look at why agencies often do choose to accredit.  Advantages Of A Home Care Agency With Accreditation:  There are many reasons an… Read the full article >>


To Purchase Or Not To Purchase? That Is The Million Dollar Policy Manual Question. Now, You Just Need To Make The Decision.

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: January 7, 2019

Whether you are starting a brand-new agency or have been in business for years, you need an up-to-date policy manual. It needs to be useful and effective to help run your business. If you can’t say it is either, you need to look at a new one.  Do You Write The Policy Manual Yourself?  If your manual has been kept… Read the full article >>

healthcare reform

Combing Through The 2019/2020 Home Health Payment Rule Changes Without Pulling Your Hair Out!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: January 5, 2019

Whenever CMS drops payment changes, home health agencies want to cringe. Over the years, agencies become better at completing documentation and filling out Oasis properly. In response, CMS hits us with terms like case mix creep and then  changes payment for services. It can be overwhelming to jump multiple hurdles and not feel like you… Read the full article >>

start a homecare agency

You Want To Start A Homecare Agency. Sounds Great! What Next?

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: January 3, 2019

Homecare is a complex industry. Those in it know it all too well. If you want to start a homecare agency, then do your homework first. In addition, having help to navigate the playing field can make your journey a whole lot easier. What Kind Of “Homecare” Do You Want: Homecare tends to be the… Read the full article >>


We Purchased A New Policy And Procedure Manual? Now What? What Is Next In The Road Map?

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: December 24, 2018

In home care and hospice, having an updated policy and procedure manual is necessary. Whether you are considering a purchase or have already done so, there are some steps to finish the process. Let’s look at what still needs done.  Add Your State Rules:  Even though customized manuals have updated regulations for Medicare and accreditation, it doesn’t… Read the full article >>

organizational restructuring

As An Employer, Do You Feel Like You Have The Right People In The Wrong Places? Now Is The Time To Make The Change!

By Ginny Kenyon | Published: December 21, 2018

That first sentence is a handful, isn’t it? Organizational restructuring is tough, but often necessary.  If now isn’t the time, then when? Let’s look at what some of the big hurdles are and how to overcome them.   “We Have The Best Team”  That’s fantastic. Not all agencies can make that statement. Long-term employees and bright new talent are a great mix…. Read the full article >>