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Let’s Talk Oasis: Time To Make It Something Peaceful Instead Of Frustrating! Then, It Can Become A Tool You Are Happy To Have!

Listen, we all know the importance of getting your Oasis right on admission, recert, and discharge. We preach it to staff. You invest in an Oasis scrubber. You have or outsource certified coding. Your agency may have a routine training schedule for Oasis where you focusing on individual questions. Are you still not seeing it in your outcomes? Let’s look at some common issues.

4 Common Issues For Clinicians With Oasis:

If you want to know the most common issues for your clinicians, have an in-depth talk with your ICD 10 coders. They can tell you every clinician’s strength about using the tool as well as the questions marked incorrectly every time. Here are 4 of the very common issues.

  1. The Questions Are Not Black And White: There are only a few questions that are to be answered the exact way the question reads.
  2. Seasoned Nurses Are Sometimes The Toughest To Train On Oasis: We realize this may make the hair on the back of necks stand up a little, but it’s true. These nurses have been taught multiple ways to answer the same question as the tool has evolved. We just got into Oasis D and the Oasis E instrument is already available online while it waits for final approval. These nurses have to effectively erase their internal hard drives to make room for the latest interpretation.
  3. Clinician Disagreement With Review Of Documentation: After having this tool in place for so many years, you wouldn’t think this would still be an issue, but it is. It’s true that the Oasis scoring should be a clinician judgment, but over time, there is less flexibility for answers to rely on the clinician. If certain items are answered one way, then they flexibility of other answers is limited. The person certified in Oasis and coding knows the tools. It is not trying to take away the clinician’s judgment. The tool does a lot of that itself.
  4. Not Making Sure Your Discharge Is Reviewed And Scored Properly: The biggest issue here is that we see discharge summaries and goals as being met, but the Oasis doesn’t look any different. Some items quite simply will not change and the clinician knows that on admission. However, key items are often never changed from admission to discharge when they should be. This means your clinician doesn’t truly understand all the items in the tool and how to answer them.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Can Help With Your Oasis Education:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have educational programs to teach clinicians the Oasis question by question as well as offer on-site training to go in the field with staff. Find out where you can improve outcomes and what operations to put into place to make sure you get the Oasis right the first time. Join us October 7th for our free coding and documentation webinar Are You Leaving Money On The Table?  Make sure coding and Oasis aren’t missing the mark! Register today!

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