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Make Your Interim Management Decision Super Simple


Interim management often becomes a necessity in homecare. But what is it, exactly? And how do you know if your agency needs it? In this article, you’ll learn the definition of interim management and the circumstances when it’s beneficial. By the end, you’ll be better equipped to make an educated interim management decision.

Introducing the Interim Management Decision: Defining the Term

Interim management is defined as “the temporary provision of management resources and skills.” It’s the short-term use of an executive, outside interim manager to handle times of change, transition, growth, or crisis within a company. In other words, an interim manager is someone who fulfills, on a temporary basis, all the duties a full-time manager would normally execute.

Making the Interim Management Decision: Examining the Roles

There are many reasons a homecare organization may consider hiring an interim manager. The process of working with an industry professional having abundant homecare experiences, must be your first requirement. Knowledge enables the interim manager to guide your organization through numerous situations. Here are five examples of those situations and the role interim management plays in each.

1. The loss of a management-level employee

At one point or another, every homecare owner, CEO, or leadership role will experience this kind of loss. There are numerous factors resulting in a manager leaving their position, including:

  • Another job opportunity
  • A different position within your organization
  • Failure to meet expectations
  • Extended medical leave
  • Moving to a different town

When one of these situations arises, an interim manager steps in to fill the gaps. This expert keeps progress on track, helps to minimize internal chaos, and maintains your reputation within the community. Your temporary manager also prevents excessive workloads for remaining staff, and does what is necessary to keep clients happy.

2. The need to quickly find a suitable replacement

The hiring process is often time-consuming and stressful – and the last thing you need when you’re down an employee. It may sound counter intuitive, but an interim manager works with organizations to find, interview, and hire the perfect replacement for the former manager. Interim management supports you through the entire progression, from reviewing job applications to making that “you’re hired!” call.

3. The creation or reinvention of a position

Many times, employees are let go because the needs of an organization have changed. In these cases, a position may need to be revamped or restructured. Or maybe a completely new position needs to be designed. Either way, a positive interim management decision gives you the knowledge, tools, and encouragement you need.

Interim managers are experts in their designated fields, meaning they know the best way to structure organizations. This crucial information is necessary when evaluating the responsibilities of various positions within your agency.

4. The orientation and training of a new employee

Thinking the need for interim management is over once you’ve found the perfect candidate to fill your management position, is far from true. There’s still much to be done to ensure continued growth and success for your organization.

The single most important thing to focus on after a new hire is the orientation and training period. Interim management helps your new manager to acclimate into the organizational culture while developing the skills needed to excel in his or her new position.

5. The launch of a new business line

As your homecare agency grows, you begin to consider new possibilities. These may include offering specialized services, opening another location or adding a new business line in order to battle the competition. An interim manager points you in the right direction, advising you on the best steps to take during your journey.

The Interim Management Decision: Working with Kenyon HomeCare Consulting

Going through organizational changes and growth without outside help is stressful and overwhelming. But with the assistance of the experts at Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, your times of transition go much more smoothly. Here are a few benefits you’ll experience when working with us:

  • A clear focus for the future
  • The implementation of positive change
  • A better organized agency structure
  • Less stress!

When you’re ready to take the next step toward homecare growth, give us a buzz.

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