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Make Your Policy And Procedure Manual Guide Leadership Principles And Watch Your Management Use It Like Never Before!

policy and procedure manuals

Healthcare lives in a very litigious world. It may seem like documentation and wording of policy and procedure manuals is more about passing survey then it is structuring practice. Agencies lose sight of the brilliance of a well-written policy and procedure manual. It is more than something to keep you in compliance with regulation.

Great Staff Nurses vs. Great Managers:

Many times, the best staff nurses are the ones promoted to supervision. However, the promotion also comes with the assumption that clinical skill automatically equates to management skill. Do not make that assumption. It leads to unrealistic expectations from administration. It also means early frustration for your new managers. Training your clinician managers to use the policy manual to guide leadership decisions helps make the manual relatable. Let’s look at how.

Policy And Procedure Manual As A Leadership Tool:

When you hire a staff nurse, the orientation process puts your manual in front of each of them for the first time. Think about the concept of this as a new staff member. It is easy to get lost in all the pages. If you assume staff understands your manual, then you also make a mistake. How often do staff refer to your manual? Is it something only routinely used by administration? Train managers to utilize the policies in leadership decisions. Although a manual cannot account for everything in operations, it needs to be invaluable to leadership decision-making. Does your manual accurately guide your leaders in a step-by-step easy to follow path?

Are Your Manuals Up To Date?

Now, this isn’t just about regulations. It isn’t just about getting through your CHAP or ACHC survey. It is about making the manual accurately reflect how you run your agency. Update your manuals routinely. If you haven’t updated your manuals in two years, then it is time to consider a new one. It is more difficult to update an outdated manual than it is to start from scratch. Consider accreditation ready manuals that allow you to personalize with a clean slate.

Let Kenyon Homecare Consulting Provide Your Manuals:

Regardless of the service line or need for accreditation, Kenyon Homecare Consulting has the online manual available for download today. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help you make your manual a leadership tool as opposed to a big binder of documents that collects dust.

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