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Making Sure Your Educational Programming Has A Strategic Plan Before You Start Will Make The Most Of Your Goals For Training!


Regardless the educational goals for your agency, making sure you have a strategic plan when you put it into play is crucial. This is a topic we have written about in the past because it is such an error to not have a plan for the knowledge you want clinicians to take away from the training. There is no point in moving forward with the investment without transitioning the knowledge into practical use in the field.

What Needs Done Before Training?

For the purposes of this article, let’s make the education for chronic disease. Now, often times clinicians go to the training and they learn signs and symptoms and pathophysiology of a particular chronic disease, but they aren’t taught putting these concepts into practical care planning. So, it ends up being a lot of time and money wasted for training that doesn’t go any further than the classroom. So, before you ever send anyone to training, develop the main objectives for investing in the education. Is it better patient care? Follow through with protocols related to certain diagnoses? Improved coordination of care? Better efficiency in providing chronic disease management? Making all disciplines more accountable for chronic disease goals? These are all valid reasons to invest in chronic disease education. So, make sure you know how you want things to change once the education is complete.

The concept of educational strategic planning is key here. It is not just about what you plan to teach but also about the goal setting and operational change you expect to make after the fact. So, plan for it on a yearly basis. Look at what goals you have for the clinical process to promote better STAR ratings as well as efficiency in completing quality care. Then, work from there to determine what the education needs to be. If you are talking chronic disease management, then you want something you will be able to continue on an ongoing basis for employees who come on board as well as those who need refresher courses to maintain clinical excellence. Do you need someone in your agency to complete the training or do you want ongoing online access? Are you looking to provide chronic disease certification? Do you want to take initial training and then develop an in-house ongoing educational program so you can work directly with employees. These are all things to consider when developing educational processes that will work to make your program better than competition.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Can Help:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have chronic disease educational available online as well as the ability for on-site operational assessments of how you manage clinical processes in your agency. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help you meet your educational and quality goals.

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