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Master Your ICD 10 Coding And You Master Your Home Health Program! Maximizing Your Reimbursement And Outcomes All At The Same Time!

ICD-10 CodingICD 10 coding is complex.  It is detailed and specific.  So are the patients that have the diagnoses attached to those codes.  Make sure you take a look at how better coding makes your program better overall.

5 Ways Maximizing ICD 10 Coding Can Mean A Better Overall Program:

First and most important you need coding done by those certified in ICD 10. So, that being said, here are 5 ways to make the most of your diagnosis codes.

1. More Specificity:

A good example of this is congestive heart failure.  ICD 9 used to use a more generic code, but now ICD 10 coding requires the specificity of what type. Looking at the type and patient specific causes means that the clinicians can have a better understanding of what to expect from the patient.  This would include the classes of the disease that determine severity.  This leads into our next reasons for improvement in your program.

2. Patient Specific Intervention:

By knowing the specific diagnosis, clinicians can better make patient specific care plan interventions.  Your interventions for someone with a class 1 CHF are different than those for a stage 3.  Realistic care planning is the only way to improve patient outcomes based on what is specific to that patient.

3. Patient Specific Goals:

Along with intervention, goals need to fit the diagnosis attached to that individual. A class 3 or 4 heart failure patient is not able to complete physical activities without shortness of breath. This may seem like common sense, but it is not uncommon to see goals that are not attainable for a patient regardless of compliance to care plan.

4. Painting A Clearer Picture:

In order to be able to code properly, documentation needs to be clear.  Certified coders know what needs to be present to justify codes as well as Oasis information.  ICD 10 coding requires more information and collaboration between home health and other providers.  Having the proper information in the patient record leads to painting a clearer picture for each clinician that enters the home.

5. Getting the Proper Reimbursement:

Don’t ever leave money on the table you are entitled to receive.  If you have the documentation and use the appropriate coding, you will receive what you need to care for the patient.  If you don’t, you will provide proper care and go in the whole every time.  That is not the intent.  Proper care planning and coding should provide what is needed to take care of the patient and keep you in the black at the same time.

Many agencies have the nurses coding while doing everything else.  Nurses cannot be the experts in coding and be expected to focus on patient care too.  Coding done by non-certified coders can mean up to $1,000 less per episode of care dependent upon the individual patient.

Let Us Help Turn It Around:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we work with agencies on organizational assessments and process changes to maximize overall operations.  We provide coding services and in-depth on site education to nurses both in and out of the homes to help with Oasis accuracy and documentation.  Call 206-721-5091 or contact us online to receive your 30 minute free consultation.  Let us make a difference for your agency.

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