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Not Getting The Results From Education And Training You Want? Make Every Penny Count To Get The Outcome You Need From The Money You Invest!

Game ChangerHomecare education is so important, and no one argues that point. Making sure all clinicians have the critical thinking and technical skills is vital to proper patient care. If you put the dollars into education and training without the seeing the benefit, then you need to change something. Let’s look at ways to transform your education and training. 

What’s Your Current Approach? 

Do you have an education and training program for staff above orientation or a typical yearly competency? Is there an educational fund in the agency and if so, is staff aware of it? Also, do you provide additional education based upon outcome data to determine clinical weaknesses? Is the training usually just for an individual discipline? Why do you think there was a lack of return on your investment? 

These are all good question to ask yourself, but also consider how the education and training is delivered. Is it all the same format? Online education, conference attendance, self-studies and internal programs are all good approaches. However, keeping your education and training fresh can be tough if the format is always the same. 

Change The Educational Paradigm: 

Make education and training dynamic by making it inclusive to all clinical disciplines. Now, this doesn’t mean the level of clinical education for the home care aide is the same as the nurse or therapist, but it doesn’t make sense to provide education that doesn’t span the clinical spectrum. If you want to improve chronic disease outcomes, then chronic disease education must be for all those clinicians who see the patient. So, start with your processes first and then seek education that is inclusive of all clinical disciplines functioning as one clinical unit. It is the key to making clinical education successful and not fragmented. It means fully integrated care plans that make sense to everyone providing care. 

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At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we understand all that goes into having highly skilled staff to provide patient care. It is also important to spend money on education where it makes sense for your agency moving forward. Whether you need chronic disease education for individuals or for your facility clinicians, we can help. We also have the trained and seasoned consultants to help with organizational change to help make it happen. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free consultation with a senior consultant. 

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