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Not Making The Clinical Changes You Need In Your Agency? Stop Fighting Battles You Aren’t Winning And Get A Homecare Consultant To Win The War!

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Regardless the situation behind your need for clinical change, it can be tough to actually make it happen. Maybe you need to cut overall costs or improve productivity among staff. Or, maybe your outcomes aren’t what they need to be even though you are making more visits and frontloading like you are told to do. Are you spending more money in your agency without anything coming of it? If your efforts haven’t made a difference, then it is time to have a homecare consultant take a look at your agency with fresh eyes.

What A Consultant Can Do For You:

The following is just a short list of items where a homecare consultant can be key, but we wanted you to think about ways it could help you stop struggling. Here are our big 5 where the consultant is key for clinical change:

  1. Integrating Care Plans: This is a task often left into the hands of the clinical staff. They may understand what you want to happen, but not know what way to make it happen between all disciplines and work flow within your organization. Most often this is left in the hands of the nurses to do. We must remember that nurses are trained to be nurses caring for patients. They are not trained in operations management. Give them the tools to make the process successful.
  2. Efficiency: Agencies are still struggling to see staff attain 5-6 visits per day. Sometimes it takes a closer look into the EMR and how staff is made to document. EMRs are great, but we have often found that agencies do not streamline assessments and there is much more documentation in a visit that what is necessary to communicate patient status and progression of the care plan.
  3. Frequencies: Have you taken a proactive look at the number of visits you make? First of all, do you see standardized frequencies based upon diagnosis? This happens a lot in agencies. A new hip is 3 visits a week for 4 weeks as a given. If you know the situation of 2 patients who just got new hips, then you may realize one should reach goals in 4 visits and the other one is 7. We have to put critical thinking  back into determining frequencies. Frontloading has to be intentional and make sense. If the patient is seen by the therapist, nurse, and aide 3 times in the first week, then we often see then all going on the same days. This means the patient had no one in the home for 4 days of that first week. Meanwhile, we made 9 visits and the patient still ended up back in the hospital because no one was there days 5-7.
  4. Overall Costs: A good financial consultant will look at all aspects of your financial data and put that into an analysis with your operations. It may mean you need to consider staffing changes or organizational changes. The clinical consultant will analyze the financial data to determine what can be done clinically and operationally to cut costs. Maybe you have too much staffing or those staff do not function efficiently. Often times, we see the process from intake go through so many unnecessary steps and staff in order eventually get to the billing of the RAP. This costs your agency time and money.
  5. Education: This is key. Sometimes clinical staff has not been well-trained or they come from other agencies with bad habits because that agency didn’t train well. The consultant can help with hands on education to clinical staff from Oasis to clinical documentation and hands on care. It doesn’t make sense that you can expect your change to be successful of your staff has not been given the tools to succeed.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Can Help:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we can help you with clinical and operational issues within your organization. Maybe you need that overall operational assessment to determine your road map to change. Maybe you want the homecare consultant to provide in-person teaching to staff to improve clinical or financial work flow. If you aren’t sure what you need to make a difference in your agency, then just give us a call and we can help talk through where we can assist. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can make things easier for you in the future.

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