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Objective Eyes Looking at Your Home Care Agency Can Have 20/20 Vision For Where And How Change Can Occur

whyHome care owners and administrators are busy. There is no question there. If you aren’t dealing with regulations or chronic disease management, then it is personnel management. Sometimes, you know there are issues, but have been unable to fix them.  A senior home care consultant can give a fresh look at your agency with objective eyes.  

Forest For The Trees Argument: 

Even if you are the hardest working administrator in the business, sometimes, it is not about how hard you work. Working harder may just mean spinning your wheels longer. Organizational issues can be tough in multiple ways. Whether a staffing issue or a need to restructure, it may be difficult to see the forest for the trees.  If you have an outside set of eyes, then the home care consultant can help you put a plan for change in motion based on decades of experience in different agencies.  

Staffing Changes:  

You know your staff. You have been with them for years. Through the good and the bad in personal lives as well as work advancement. This is both good and bad when it comes to organizational changes. Home care consultants evaluate employee capability in current job roles. You may have a fantastic staff but have too many people in roles. It may require restructuring to increase efficiency. That can be a tough thing if you are accustomed to certain cogs in the wheel doing certain things.  

“I Don’t Know Why We Aren’t Making Money” 

This is the most frustrating thing for leaders. You made decisions to control costs, but don’t see the financial reward for it. So many things factor into what you make or don’t make. Turnover, regulation changes, payment reform, and patient census change. All these things affect your day-to-day financial well-being. Is Oasis being done correctly? Is coding being done correctly? How much time is staff spending hunting down orders from other providers? Are staff doing charting in a timely fashion? It can be overwhelming and quite frankly difficult to pinpoint a specific thing. 

Let Us Help Make You Successful: 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we can offer you an organizational assessment based on your needs. Whether you are looking at clinical, organization, financial or a combination of all operations,  Kenyon has the help you need. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free consultation.

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