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Aide Testing Kit




  • 2 – Books
  • 1 – Scoring Key
  • 1 – Pad (25) blank answer sheets
  • 1 – Pad (25) content analysis sheet
  • Shipping and Mailing

Aide Testing Kit Use:


  1. Potential candidates will be given an Answer sheet on which to place their answers.
  2. Using the Scoring Key circle all the wrong answers in red.  The candidate must pass by 80% in order to be considered for moving forward with the hiring process. ( no more than 10 wrong answers)
  3. Using a sheet from the content analysis, find the numbers that were wrong (circled in red) on the answer sheet and circle them on the content analysis sheet.  If the individual passes the test over all but fails a certain are e.g. misses 4 of the 6 questions for Diabetes, then the applicant would be hired contingent upon completion of a one-hour training on Diabetes.
  4. Retain the answer sheet and content analysis to place in the employee file as proof of testing and results.