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Care of the Client with Congestive Heart Failure



Welcome to the first of four modules of the Care of the Client with Congestive Heart Failure course.  This module will give you a general overview of congestive heart failure. Specifically, you will learn what congestive heart failure is and how to recognize its risk factors and warning signs. This information sets the foundation for the rest of the course, which prepares you to care for clients who may have congestive heart failure, or who may begin to show symptoms of it.

As you progress through this course, some of the information will seem beyond what you might think you need to know.  The world of health care is changing dramatically and we need to prepare all caregivers for that new reality.  As the person at the bedside, you are one of the most valuable members of the team.  We will be depending on you more than ever to be the eyes and ears of the nurses and doctors.  This course work is intended to help prepare you for this new role. We’ll start by meeting some clients. Enjoy!