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Washington – Non-Skilled In-Home Care Agency Admin. Policies & Procedures Manual w/Crosswalk Tool




This State of Washington Non-Skilled In-Home Care manual greatly reduces the time needed for new and existing non-skilled home care agencies operating in the state of Washington, to get up and running with a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that are state compliant. Sections of the policy and procedure manual include administration, client care, governing and personnel, education and training, performance improvement, safety management, information management, and financials. This Non-Skilled In-Home Care manual is easily customized to incorporate your agency’s operations.

Included with this manual is the the Washington state crosswalk tool, which contains all Washington state rules for In-Home Care and the policy where the rules can be found.

The Washington Non-Skilled In-Home Care Agency Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual is perfect for:

  • New Non-Skilled In-Home Care agencies starting up in the State of Washington
  • Established non-skilled home care agencies wishing to update and refresh their operations

Washington State In-Home Care P&P Manual - Sample