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What Resources Are Saved When Outsourcing Your Policy Manuals?

Writing your own policy manuals may sound like a good idea at first, but the process can quickly become daunting and all consuming. What you thought would be a simple task turns into a project that expands to take over your entire work life.

Saving Resources by Outsourcing Policy Manuals

What’s the solution to the policy manual conundrum? Outsourcing the writing and creation of your homecare policy manuals. Maybe you’ve never considered this option because you assumed it would be too costly. On the contrary, outsourcing the task of writing your policy manuals actually preserves your resources.Policy Manuals

Take a look at these five resources you’ll save when you choose to purchase customized manuals.

1. Time

Time is something we never seem to have enough of, whether at home or at work. There are many productive ways to spend your time—growing your agency’s client base or mentoring staff, for example. But writing, formatting and incorporating state requirements hour after hour should not be on your to do list.

Outsourcing your manual writing (to buy ready-made customizable manuals) is more efficient than attempting to create these documents from scratch. It keeps you from spending time researching to be sure you are compliant and integrating accreditation standards.

2. Money

Surprisingly, purchasing customizable home care manuals from a trusted professional is less expensive in the long-run, than creating your own. This is because of the time you save (we all know time is money) as well as the materials required to draft the manuals. The costs keep adding up when reprinting as errors are found and keeping them up to date as industry legal regulations change.

3. Staff

If you’re like many business owners, each team member plays a vital role in the operation of your agency. Sparing one or two employees to work on policy manuals often leads to strain on your everyday processes—not to mention overworked staff that may lead to a higher turnover rate.

Outsourcing your policy manuals means freeing staff members up to do what they were trained to do and what they do best: care for your clients and manage your office.

4. Office Supplies

Writing your own policy manuals requires using your own materials. Think about the supply costs of paper, ink, binders, paperclips, etc. And double or triple that if you need the added benefit of multiple paper versions for your staffs’ easy access.

Consider this expense as well. When writing policy manuals yourself, it’s very likely you’ll print multiple versions as you find and correct mistakes and make necessary updates.

5. Computer & Software Space

Even if you decide to keep one final master print or electronic copy of your manuals, think about the amount of digital space you’ll need. Space for saving research, outlines and notes for months as complete your manuals. When you outsource your manual projects, you save time, money, overworked and overwhelmed staff, office supplies as well as valuable digital space.

Outsourcing Policy Manuals with Kenyon HomeCare Consulting

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, we offer six specific homecare manuals for every type of agency. Our manuals are written by experienced experts, are compliant with Medicare CoPs and current CHAP and ACHC accreditation standards. Additionally, all manuals are easily customizable, and we can incorporate any specific state regulations.

Also check out our employee handbooks, aide competency testing kits, and skilled and non-skilled homecare forms.

Reach out to us today for more information. We are here to help you succeed!


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