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Retention: If You Are Under The Impression It Is The Supervisor That Causes The Employee To Leave, Then Think Again. Know How To Improve Employee Satisfaction Rates

employee retention

Anyone in business knows that employee turnover is expensive. It can easily deplete your profit margin. So, how do we keep employees happy while getting the job done efficiently? It’s tough in a climate where all clinical staff has potential to earn more in any other clinical venue. Let’s look at some myths of employment and how to improve employee satisfaction.

It Isn’t Always About The Supervisor:

Time and time again supervision is blamed for the loss of staff. It is often the easiest thing for the employee to do. It justifies there is a person who is making them leave as opposed to confronting an internal dialogue about the true reason. However, let’s just consider a situation where an employees blame direct supervision and consider what supervision looks like now as opposed to 10 years ago.

How many direct reports does a supervisor have with your agency today? How many more is that than 10 years ago? If you are like most organizations, then the answer is probably many more. Consider whether the supervisor has the ability to work with employees and adequately supervise along with his or her own job responsibilities. If you consider the supervisor may be the issue, then you also must consider the possibility that the supervisor may be in a no-win situation. Is the issue really about the supervisor or with the organization and its operations? We can’t set up the leaders within our agency with expectations no one can achieve. We must also understand that supervisors need training and ongoing support. If your supervisors feel like they are on an island without true support, then so will the employees under them.

Employee Satisfaction Is A Real Thing!

We have all heard the stories about companies like Disney and Southwest Airlines who are known to have high employee satisfaction rates. You might believe that you cannot compare yourself to those types of industries. It is easier to believe you have employment challenges that other do not. If you approach employee satisfaction this way, then you won’t see the results you desire. The truth is that the needs of employees are consistent regardless the industry. Let’s look at a few myths about employee satisfaction.

  • Employee satisfaction is expensive: Employees have a desire to be heard and want to foster positive relationships within the workplace. Give supervisors the tools to be good listeners and to foster professional growth for employees. This is something administrative staff needs to be able to do as well. To often we take ourselves out of the mix of employee satisfaction. What happens when we don’t know how to appropriately listen and foster growth of those we supervise?
  • There is no loyalty to the employer anymore: This isn’t true. It is easy to blame the younger generation for your staffing problems. It is easy to say that the millennial generation doesn’t have loyalty to the employer. Did you consider that maybe this generation focuses on the growth and development differently than the generations prior? Employees value family time and a balance between work and home. Understanding and working with staff to value this is important. This type of understanding builds loyalty for the organization.
  • Employees don’t want to work: The correct statement is that employees don’t want more work piled on them. There is a difference between more work and more responsibility. Responsibility builds loyalty, satisfaction, and value for the employee. More work is just about tasks. These do not grow the employee. A culture of growth within an agency promotes new ideas and skillful enrichment of the employee’s experience.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Can Help With Retention:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we understand the struggle agencies have with recruitment and retention of staff. On February 27th, we offer a recruitment and retention webinar from industry leaders that can help your agency advance its employee satisfaction. Understanding how you can promote success of your employees is vital to getting it done. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how our recruitment and retention strategies can work for your organization. We can help with the organizational change you need.

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