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Screw Business as Usual! Do You Need a Customized Manual?

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How many times has your organization’s policy and procedure manual been referenced in the last few weeks? If your answer is zero, does that mean you don’t need a manual? Not at all! Instead, it probably means your documents aren’t easily accessible or up to date.

That’s a big problem for any homecare organization! With numerous legal requirements, state and federal regulations and accreditation standards to follow to ensure quality client care, maintaining a complete, updated policy and procedure manual is imperative to avoiding costly mistakes. But who has the time to maintain and update these documents?


Benefits of a Customized Manual

You know the importance of a policy and procedure manual, but you’re having a hard time writing one – and even a harder time keeping it compliant. Sound familiar? Now is the time to make life easier and consider purchasing a customized manual. Here are five benefits of choosing a prewritten customizable policy and procedure manual to meet your specific organization’s needs.

  1. Clear Expectations. Each homecare agency provides different services, each has different expectations and requirements for staff. With a customized manual, you can outline and detail all expectations so that employees are clear on what is expected of them.
  2. Efficiency. As a homecare leader, you likely spend many hours figuring out the best use of your resources. Customized manuals save the time it takes an experienced clinician to write a manual, and the numerous hours it takes to regularly update said manual. Isn’t caring for clients a better and more profitable use of clinician time?
  3. Industry Consistency. When you choose a customized manual written by those with deep industry and regulatory experience, rest assured the information meets federal and accreditation standards. This is important as you prepare for all types of required surveys.
  4. Compliance. Failure to update policy and procedure manuals timely and educate employees of changes leads to poor client care and regulatory noncompliance. With a customized policy and procedure manual, you can sleep better at night knowing your policies are compliant and won’t leave you at risk for fines or other legal repercussions.
  5. Accessibility. Most customized manuals are electronic, allowing staff to access the documents online, from anywhere at any time. No more digging through filing cabinets and bookshelves to find manuals when it is time to update. No more worries that staff don’t have access to policies and procedures while in the field or that surveyors will find old outdated copies.

These five reasons and many more make it imperative for you to consider purchasing a customized manual for your homecare organization. Remember, if your organization provides multiple types of services, you are required to maintain a complete manual for each service.

Where to Find a Customized Manual

Policy and procedure documents are relatively easy to come by, but you need a manual that’s catered to your organization’s individual culture, accreditation requirements, and type of services offered.

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, we offer customized manuals for every type of homecare organization, including:

  • Non-Skilled Home Care
  • Licensed Home Health
  • Medicare Home Health
  • Medicare Hospice
  • California Medicare Home Health

These templates, along with our employee handbook, Private Duty Home Health & Non-Skilled/Skilled Home Care Forms and Aide Competency Testing Kit keep your agency running smoothly.

Reach out to us to see how, together, we can create the ultimate customized policy and procedure manual for your homecare organization.

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