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So, Now Is A Great Time To Make Sure Your ICD 10 Coding Is Spot On. Do You Know For Sure?

ICD 10 coding

The current pandemic has changed the way all of us do business today. For some, the pandemic has increased patient census while others are in decline. This gives you the ability to take a good look at your ICD coding practices. Many still function with in-house coding today; so we need to look at your own operations and procedures of coding.

Without A Certified Coder:

You may be an agency with a small Medicare footprint. Therefore, the majority of your coding is not directly attached to reimbursement. When you consider the number of HHRG combinations today, it can be overwhelming to someone who isn’t immersed in coding on the day-to-day. These ICD coding employees often serve dual roles such as office management along with coding. This may not even be seen as an issue. Maybe you have less than 10 Medicare admissions a month and may not financially be able to justify in time or dollars hiring a certified coder. We have seen this type of scenario in so many agencies across the US. Do you recognize what you really miss?

Why Not Look At Outsourcing In This Case?

In the experience of Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have completed side-by-side coding and seen differences in reimbursement of $300-$1000 per episode between those certified in Oasis and ICD coding versus those who are not.  So, if you consider just 5 Medicare cases per month, we are looking at a revenue differential of potentially $1,500- $5,000 per month. Consider what that does for the bottom line of a small agency? If your small agency had an additional $60,000 added to your bottom line, then it could mean the difference in surviving or thriving. So, why not consider outsourcing your Medicare coding?

What To Look For In Your Coding Provider:

It is key that the process from admission to coding be simple for your clinicians. Consider the communication line between your coding providers. When there are discrepancies or additional information needed, how is it obtained? Who obtains it? What is the turnover time? The person doing your coding needs to be Oasis certified too. Let’s be honest here. The Oasis and ICD coding go hand-in-hand, so you can’t complete one effectively without truly understanding the other. Education is also key. Your coding provider should be willing to provide you with education that makes your clinicians better at documentation. If there is no real active communication line, then clinicians make the same ongoing Oasis errors and documentation will continue to lack what is necessary to get the proper code.

Let Us Do 5 Free Re-codes To Get You A Baseline:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we focus on high-quality patient care and outcomes that lead to clinical and financial success for the agencies we serve. We want agencies to take a serious look at their coding practices to determine if they receive the reimbursement they deserve. If you contact us at 206-721-5091 or online, we will complete 5 free recodes of your current charts to see if your coding is on the right track or not.

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