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So, Your Office Staff Is Stable. Are You Struggling For That To Translate To Field Staff?

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Let’s cut to the chase. When we talk about employee recruitment and retention, the ultimate goal is retention with content employees that ultimately allow your home care organization to have better outcomes. Engaged employees help your business. This may not be a big revelation, but do you miss the boat on how to successfully retain employees? It is more than measurement of satisfaction. Let’s take a look at what may not be working for you today.

I’m Trying To Do Everything To Make Employees Happy:

Can you say this about your organization today? Likely,  you still haven’t seen improved retention in spite of your efforts. You may be scratching your head as to why. Well, here’s the thing. It isn’t just about satisfaction for the employee. It is about digging deep into what engagement really means for your organization as a culture.

In agencies today, employees may have the benefits and the wages they desire. This doesn’t mean these employees are engaged in the job. Have you given raises and improved flexibility and nothing has changed your retention? It is now time to decide what engagement can do for your organization? Take a hard look at how your employees see themselves within the organization. Now, consider the difference between an employee and a stakeholder. If you can merge the employee to have stakeholder mentality, then they are engaged in the promotion and the success of the business. Doing so means you need a different approach to how you include the employees as a “stakeholder” dependent upon the characteristics of each employee .

Gallup reports that employee happiness is a byproduct of engagement. This means employee satisfaction is not primary to retention. It is secondary. So, this means emphasis from the organization needs to be on primary components such as clarity of expectations, opportunity, and development with opinions counting per Gallup’s findings. It should not be surprising that the same report shows the engaged employee is less absent, more productive, and more likely to stay. So, the point is to focus on engagement, not satisfaction. Satisfaction will come with engagement. We have things turned around in the industry.

Good In The Office, But Not Keeping Staff In The Field:

This is very common for our industry today. So, let’s consider the previous section of this article and decide whether we have placed satisfaction as a primary goal when it is a secondary outcome to engagement. Clinicians are not living with the same engagement in the organization because the organizations haven’t been focused on engaging them. Do we treat them as stakeholders or just give them more to do on a consistent basis. It makes sense that engagement in patient care suffers when the clinician is less focused on the patient than they papers or computers. Consider the set up of your EMR. How much non-essential documentation time is completed by staff on a daily basis? If you haven’t considered this, then it is probably a lot more than you think.

Let’s get back to basics. Nurses need to be able to focus on the plan of care. This is the whole reason for being in the field. Then, they can focus on the patient, the aide, and the therapy regimen and be the case managers they are trained to be. This role has been generally diminished by task oriented roles our clinicians are given. The aides need to be able to function as a key member of the care team and not just the person who gives a bath. Agencies have therapists who have been working in a visit driven model of care. That isn’t about the patient. That is about the money attached to the visits. Patient focused care is the reason home care had a lower turnover rate in the past. Let’s get back to it and see how things can change for your engagement and then employee satisfaction.

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