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Software Is A Must For Your HomeCare Agency Start-Up. Don’t Scratch Your Head Trying To Figure Out Which Ones!

decision makingIn this technology-based world, picking out software is no easy task. Unless you have a background in IT, you may be a nurse making decisions on software for your homecare agency start-up. This task may leave you feeling like a fish out of water. Let’s look at how clinical and operational software need to work together to optimize function.  

Accounting Software: 

This is so important to track incoming and outgoing dollars. You may outsource payroll through a different provider, but many still use internal programs like QuickBooks to manage payroll. Accounting software needs to flow easily to mesh with other software in your operation.  


This may seem obvious, but a website can steer people towards your agency or away from it. Static websites often give the impression of an agency that is not well developed. Your brand needs to be very clear to anyone clicking on your site. If you are non-profit, make sure your website has donation capability. It should also be a way to advertise services and job postings. Have a way for applicants to submit a resume or fill out an application online in the website.  

Electronic Medical Record: 

If you choose to begin on paper documentation, then you need management software instead of an EMR. If you use an EMR, it should provide reporting and tracking functions to help your operations. You should know your top referral sources as well as changes in referral numbers. This will allow you to address potential issues with providers. It will also help you enhance your current relationships by promoting what you do well. The most important part of EMR software is a strong clinical platform. It is also important to choose what best fits your service lines and operational flow. Know that when choosing a software, regardless of the company, the best functionality comes from utilizing it the way it was programmed to work. A big mistake is being unwilling to alter flow to meet the productivity of the software. This either slows the process or doesn’t allow the agency to use the program to its fullest. Make sure you talk to someone versed in software prior to making such a huge decision for your homecare agency start-up.  

Let Us Help With Software Choices: 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we can help with your homecare agency start-up from beginning to end. We have trained senior consultants in all fields of the homecare industry. This includes those well-versed in software. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to speak to someone regarding your start-up needs.

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