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Starting A Home Care Agency: Don’t Do It Without An Ace In The Hole So You Are Prepped To Win!

Starting a Home CareStarting a home care agency requires a lot of research and planning to do it right. If you want to make the road as smooth as possible, put the work in up front so you know what bumps to expect. Here we look at fundamentals you need on your path to success. 

What Is Your Ace In The Hole? 

Quite simply, the ace in the hole is the one who has done it before. Someone who knows the regulations and steps to successfully starting a homecare agency. There are consulting agencies throughout the United States that can help. The question is, what questions to ask when picking the right one? 

  • Resume’: You need to see the experience of the consultant you look to hire. That may seem obvious but ask the questions before you make your deposit. The consultant should have the experience you need for your type of service line. 
  • Cost Of Services: All consulting agencies are not created alike. Starting a home care agency from the ground up at an hourly rate can become very expensive. Look at agencies offering start-up packages that save you dollars in the long run. 
  • Accreditation: Look for consulting companies that have had surveyors on staff. Often, these individuals provide education to all members of the consulting team to help in the accreditation process. 

Benefits Of The Consultant: 

If you have questions about the right location or services for the area, then utilize your consultant for assistance. Your consultant can help with licensing and accreditation. A consultant assists with resource development in your area as well as marketing services to prep for growth. A financial home care consultant can work alongside to help with management of funds and in-house processes so you don’t lose money while you try to earn it. 

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Can Help: 

With a broad number of consultants with different experiences throughout the US, Kenyon Homecare Consulting will help you get the job done. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30-minute consultation.

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