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Starting A Homecare Agency? Don’t Fall Into Quicksand Before You See Your First Patient. Get The Help To Do It Right!

how to stare a home care agencyThere is a lot to know when starting a homecare agency. Whether you want to provide skilled, non-skilled, or hospice care it is a process. The ultimate goal of every start-up business is to do it correctly and spend the least amount of money to make it happen. Right? Of course. Let’s look at why it makes sense financially to spend the money on a start-up consultant now to save you time and money in the overall process. 

Using A Start-Up Consultant:

Bottom line is that regulation speak is complicated. Making sure you have all the boxes checked to be ready to begin is time consuming and tough. Here are 5 reasons a start-up consultant can make starting a homecare agency a whole lot quicker.  

  • Knows The Regs: You don’t have to wonder or guess if you understand the interpretive guidelines. You have someone who knows the background of the reg and how to comply with it. 
  • Knows Clinical Practice: The start-up consultant can help with clinical flow and documentation. This will move you to clinical efficiency and patient outcomes.  
  • Knows Finance: The consultant can help to manage costs associated with clinical and operational processes. Starting a home health agency is expensive, so you need to have a hold on the costs you can control.  
  • Knows Hiring Needs: When starting a homecare agency, you need to make sure the team members can be successful for the team. Your consultant can help hire and train staff to become knowledgeable and efficient in the roles they work. This may include hiring your admin and training them. 
  • Knows Accreditation: Most agencies begin with accreditation at this point to avoid long wait times associated with state surveys. The consultant can provide mock surveys and give you the feedback you need to pass survey when it is time for the real one.  

Starting a Homecare Agency With Kenyon:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have senior consultants with decades of experience in start-ups. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free consultation and see how we can become your start-up or diversification lifeline.  


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