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Starting A Homecare Agency Takes Time. Don’t Try To Do In Minutes What Takes Hours or You Will Be Battling Uphill From Start To Finish!

starting a homecare agencyYou may see a lot of info out there about starting a home health agency. Maybe you don’t want to be a Medicare provider. Starting a homecare agency means less hoops to jump through compared to Medicare, but you still need to complete the steps properly. Here are the steps to make sure you start out on the right foot. 

License Requirements: 

Most states require licensure when starting a homecare agency. You need to research the licensing requirements with your state Department of Health to determine your ability to apply. Requirements vary for each state, so do not assume everything is the same if you have been in another state practicing. 

Structure Of Homecare Agency: 

Are you an individual beginning this venture? If not, how many partners do you have? These items will affect how you want to enter the business. To determine whether you want to enter as a sole proprietor or an LLC, you can research the process online. There are many resources about this type of venture. In addition, you will need to get an EIN number for tax purposes which we be part of the business development process. The EIN is necessary for your business license. 

Business Plan: 

You need to determine the type of clients you can and will be able to service in starting your homecare agency. You need the business structure including policy and procedure manuals that follow regulations for your state. The plan needs to include marketing and staffing to get started. Since you will be unable to bill for services until you have started your business, having capital prior to starting is important and necessary. Don’t start yourself out so far in the hole that you struggle from the beginning. The business plan must also include insurance coverage. Make sure you know what you need to cover yourself and the staff you hire. 

Get Started The Right Way: 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we offer start-up packages for all types of home care. If you want to start a private duty or skilled agency, then we can help. Our packages include the marketing development, insurance coverage, recruitment, and on-site assistance to make sure all the steps fit into place and you are ready to go.  Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for a free consultation to find out how we can make the process a whole lot easier and more affordable in the long run.

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