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The Culture In Your Agency Counts. It’s The Only Path To Growth That Includes Successful Employee Recruitment And Retention!

Corporate Culture

Right now, things in our country don’t feel settled. There are political and social issues around every corner. It leaves most of us with a feeling of unrest. It should not be surprising to see some employers finding it tough to create a secure and happy culture within their agencies right now. So, let’s look at what we need to consider about our own agencies and what we can do to improve our internal culture and retention.

Ok, It Is Time For A Magnifying Glass:

The first thing to consider is how you as well as other employees define the culture of the workplace. Is it consistent? Do staff communicate things about the agency and management that promote consistency, fairness, and a general desire to improve employee experience? Many times, this can be missing in an agency. Now, this is not to say that an open door policy within your agency means everyone has the right to come in and complain about everything they don’t like. However, it does mean that administration should be open to understanding the employee experience and why certain negative feelings may exist. When evaluating the impression the employees have about the agency, consider these main topics:

  • Efficacy Of Communication
  • Consistency Of Administration Handling Personnel Issues
  • Does Agency Promote Personal And Professional Growth?
  • Does Agency Follow Policies?
  • Are All Employees Part Of Agency Problem-Solving?
  • Do Employee Incentives Motivate Staff As Intended?
  • Is There Consistency When Providing Staff Bonuses?
  • Effectiveness and Availability Of Staff Education

Now, these are just a few of the topics to deep dive within your organization. When you look at employee turnover, have you seen a rise? What caused the change? Look at your long-term employees, do they seem unsettled too? If this is the case, then you need to change some things. Employees don’t tend to stay in the same place until they retire anymore. So, keeping them as long as possible is crucial considering we continue to squeeze profit margins more and more with regulatory changes. The first step is to educate yourself regarding the The 5th Discipline: The Art And Practice Of The Learning Organization by Peter Senge. The book will help you understand/evaluate corporate culture and begin to become an agency that solves problems in a productive and meaningful way. The reality is there are many organizations with really smart people who aren’t that great as solving problems together. The Learning Organization helps you to understand how to collectively harness your agency’s strengths and put them to work effectively. You will have employees who feel valued and part of the team unit as opposed to those who just clock in to clock out as soon as they can.

What Do You Need?

Whether you evaluate your agency and need operational changes, education, or help with administration, Kenyon Homecare Consulting can help you get there. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help you to improve how you solve problems together.

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