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The Future of Transportation and Home Health


Self-Driving Cars?

One of the big costs and barriers for home health agencies is transportation.  How many times have we all lost money on unfilled shifts or visits because of car problems?  At the CAHSAH conference last month we heard that some agencies are solving the problem by using Uber.  While it does cost the agency a bit more, it is more than made up by not having the entire shift lost because the aide or nurse had car problems.

With the projection that in the very near future most of us will have self-driven cars, this will be less of a problem especially if as projected. An article I read that posted on theguardian website provides some insight into this impending innovative approach to transportation. We will not own the cars. Instead, there will be a monthly bill to pay for the use of a car that will be summoned by cell phone to pick us up and drop us off.  No more missed shifts or visits and for those of you with teenagers, no more speeding tickets or totaled cars, as the cars all have sensors that prevent crashes as well as maintain the speed limits and are not driven by the younger drivers.

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