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The Future Universal Home

Universal Home


Continuing on with last week’s blog on technologies, let me present you with the universal home of the future that in the next ten to twenty years will be our reality.

How Will Technology Change Health Care Services In The Home?

The Universal home will have motion sensors, cameras inside and out, with facial recognition.  The house will be wired with a “Siri” type of artificial intelligence (AI) that is much more advanced than it is today.  The roof will have roof tiles that function like solar panels and will be wired into the house electrical grid to provide electricity to the home. [These already exist through Elon Musk’s {Tesla} company and are expected to hit the market this year or next].  Windows will be non-glare that allow for day and night time and will adjust with the outside light to maintain a constant light in the house.  The AI will be trainable to your specific wants and needs. [ again, both already available]

Imagine walking up to your home and have the AI greet you with welcome home, open the door and ask if you need anything or let you know that what you have programed is ready.  Some will want a drink poured and waiting at the wet-bar others may want a snack, or just a recap of all the phone messages that were left for the day.  The AI can be programed to whatever you want.  The house temperature is maintained at whatever you set it and adjusted by the AI as you request.  All orders to the AI will be voice driven and of course voice recognition so only approved voices can direct same as the camera.

Televisions, radios, etc. will be activated by your direction and to the stations you prefer.   Meals will be prepared for you with your preferences and for the number of individuals that will be present.  The fridge will give you a list of what is in the fridge and the AI will place an order with the grocery delivery company for delivery on a specified day.  The house will have a preprogramed sweeper that keeps the floors clean and further in the future you will have a house robot that can load and unload the dishwasher, clean the furniture, do the laundry, fold and put away the clothes, make the bed and any other tasks you need done.

Think how this will change your health care services in the home.  If you think this is fiction, know that in Japan where the caregiver shortage is more severe than ours, they already have developed robots called care-bots to care for their elderly.  It is coming faster than we can even imagine.

Ginny Kenyon, RN, MN, Principal

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