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The Future Of Home Health

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I would like to let you know what I heard and how the future of home health will look.  About eight years ago a physician out of John Hopkins did a demonstration study called Hospital at Home.  Though the number in the study was low the outcomes and the savings to Medicare were significant.

So far I have seen very little movement toward implementing this as a standard for home health until the 2017 CAHSAH conference.  In one of the networking meetings, I met a gentleman who said that he wanted to start up a Hospital at Home. Finally!!  My vision for the future of the home health industry is that all home health agencies will have three divisions; the Acute team, the sub-acute team, and the chronic team.

Acute Team

The Acute team will be made up of acute care nurses, specially trained aides, emergency level physicians, pharmacists, and therapists. Infusion and respiratory services will be available if needed patients will be referred from the emergency room to the team who will meet the patient back at home after the ER has done the stabilization of the patient.  The nurse and the MD will do a joint assessment that establishes the plan of care.  The first two to three days will have around the clock nurses, gradually passed off to hourly aides a week or less.

Sub-Acute team [currently the home health team]

If the patient is stable and reasonably self- sufficient, they will be pass to the sub-acute team which will see daily X two and every other day for 4 days.   If not a chronic condition dc if patient is managing and acute issue is resolved.  If the patient has a chronic disease that has resulted in repeat ER or hospital stays, the patient is referred to the chronic team whose job is to prevent any further emergent care issues.

Chronic Team

The Chronic care team has a Geriatric Care Manager, a physician and aides.  All aides are assigned based on their preparation and the needs of the patient.  Some patients will need ongoing aide support and others will need only the skilled nurses and physician oversight.  Services will be dependent upon need and may vary over time.



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