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The Veteran At Home: Does You Homecare Have What It Takes To Properly Serve This Demographic?

Veteran at homeYou may read this and immediately want to say yes. This is really the time to think of the veteran at home. At different times, this blog has focused on different patient demographics and how to specialize in them. However, the veteran at home is a demographic often not considered. The needs are different. The experiences are different than others in your community. It is time to consider how to be the provider of choice for these special men and women.  

What Does The Veteran At Home Look Like? 

Often, agencies will see the elderly veteran who was in Vietnam or a discharged soldier with physical limitations. What about your local pharmacist who was activated for the first Iraq war? When that pharmacist has cardiac surgery, should his care plan look the same as someone who hasn’t served? If the answer is yes, then it is time to rethink the care plan. The military comes with a whole different mindset. They are trained to think differently than those of us in a private sector. The experiences of our veterans may mean that illness reminds them of soldiers lost in battle. It may trigger PTSD previously under control. When assessing the veteran, ask about the experience to help guide care planning.  

What About Your Staff? 

Do you have military spouses or veterans on staff? You can learn so much about the mindset, lifestyle, and what it is like for the family unit of a soldier. Take the time to sit down and see where you can train staff on proper assessment and care of the veteran at home. We can specifically target things that aren’t necessary the primary reason for homecare, but absolutely affect the patient’s return to prior level of function. As we in the healthcare industry better understand the effects of mental illness, we can better treat those that suffer from it. If you have never had a panic attack, do you understand how paralyzing it is? Maybe the anxiety has been present, but not to the extent that your heart feels as though it is beating out of its chest and you are sweating profusely. Uncontrolled anxiety alone can be a huge issue for the veteran at home.  


Many of you may already service VA patients under contract. If you don’t specialize care, then you won’t achieve goals for this soldier. On the other hand, care of the veteran at home can become a niche’ like no other. Considering the years at war, the demographic will continue to increase. Teach clinicians sensitivity to soldier interaction. Imagine your nurse or aide outwardly opposes something in government or from the military. That individual may have been overseas with his or her life on the line. This is where our personal opinions need to stay that way. How offensive to someone having been in active combat or potentially lost those who were.  

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