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Use Interim Management to Improve Agency Operations

Interim management is an effective tool for home care agencies undergoing transition or struggling to initiate growth. Whether your organization is skilled or non-skilled, small or large, accredited or not, you will face challenges. When that happens, step back and evaluate.

Problems Solved with Management ConsultingInterim Management

Transitions in home care occur with the constant change of health care. Frequent change often leads to decreased productivity, lack of progress and growth. Here are four operational issues management consulting solves, and how:

Employee Turnover

High employee turnover rates negatively affect organizations. It’s impossible to run a well-oiled home care machine when you lose employees, especially management-level employees. The right interim manager provides resources to recruit, hire, and train the best of the best so that turnover rates decrease. From policy and procedure writing to competency testing, management consulting provides productive working relationships.

Poor Operations Management

Operating procedures have the ability to make or break your agency. Operations affect everything from client care to billing. If your agency is struggling, it is time to evaluate your system. Management consulting provides a thorough organizational assessment, allowing you to analyze strengths,weaknesses and address needs for improvement.

Billing and Revenue Issues

Billing is complicated. Ineffective billing processes can quickly become cumbersome and time-consuming. Poor billing practices also lead to decreased revenue. The good news is many interim management programs offer customized coding services to help staff understand coding and maximize revenue according to patient acuity.

Conflicting Management Styles

Managers in home health agencies should share vision with owners and the organization as a whole in regards to operations. If you are dealing with management styles that are too aggressive, too passive, or not in line with core agency values, it’s time to look at help. Interim managers assist with retraining existing managers or, if necessary, finding and hiring the best possible replacements.

Management Consulting with Kenyon HomeCare Consulting

Kenyon HomeCare Consulting’s Interim Management program helps home health agencies tackle the issues mentioned above. With our management consulting, organizations optimizes success even during change. To learn more, schedule your free consultation today.

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