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Value of Your Homecare Education: 10 Little-Known Facts

We all know education is one of the most important and precious gifts a person can receive in their lifetime. It helps to further careers, inspire change, and encourage innovations. But did you know that homecare education has even more benefits? Benefits to your homecare organization, caregivers, and clients alike.

The advantages that come from advanced homecare education reaches far beyond providing scientific knowledge to those who work for you. Here are 10 reasons – some of which may surprise you – to consider giving your caregivers the chance to flourish with advanced education.

Little-Known Benefits of Homecare Education

  1. Convenience – It’s important when choosing a homecare education program that you keep simplicity in mind. The best programs are online, easy for caregivers to access, and available at all hours so that learners can study when it’s convenient for them.
  2. Improved Caregiver Abilities – With higher education comes a higher level of ability to care for clients. Having the kind of knowledge that results from advanced homecare education allows caregivers to really understand – and deal with – the health issues your clients face.
  3. Client Satisfaction – Better caregiver abilities lead to more satisfied clients. Simple as that! And having more satisfied clients leads to more referrals, which leads to more new clients…you see where we’re going here?
  4. Employee Satisfaction – Good leaders sincerely care about the members of their teams. When you provide education to employees, you increase their confidence about your investment in them. People are happiest at work when they know their bosses care and have their best interests at heart.
  5. Improved Employee Retention – Employee turnover is a stumbling block to growth. Fortunately, homecare education is one way to increase retention. Satisfied employees tend to stick around longer.
  6. Fewer Client Hospitalizations/Rehospitalizations – Knowledge is power. In the case of homecare education, it’s the power to recognize worsening symptoms and seek help before a trip to the emergency room is required.
  7. Positive Community Reputation – You want medical professionals providing referrals, clients and their families, and your community to know that you’re on top of constantly-changing homecare trends and regulations. Education does that for you.
  8. Better Quality Outcomes – Many homecare organizations are required to report care measures to the government. These measures, or quality outcomes, are then posted for agency comparisons. Well-educated caregivers equal better outcomes.
  9. Increased Profits – As already mentioned, advanced education helps reduce employee turnover, which saves money. But it also allows you to provide specialized services to clients with specific diagnosis greatly increasing your client base and profits.
  10. Reduced Stress – The clients in your homecare agency are ultimately your responsibility, even if you’re not the one providing daily care. Knowing your caregivers are capable of providing top-notch care to your clients after completing advanced education helps you sleep better at night.

Your Homecare Education Solution

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, we offer convenient, comprehensive homecare education to give you all the benefits listed here. With Aide University, your entire organization benefits – staff, clients, and even you.

The importance of advanced education for caregivers is immeasurable. It affects every aspect of your agency. Creating an environment of growth and productivity, as well as one in which clients are well cared for, is crucial to success. And it’s possible with the right education.

When you’re ready to take your staff and your organization to the next level, schedule a time to speak with us and learn more.

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