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Want To Go From Zero To Hero In Chronic Disease Management And Save Money In The Process? Time To Jump In Feet First.

chronic disease management

Taking the leap into changing your chronic disease management program for the better is a big step. It takes commitment and preparation to the process and the mission. To be honest, you may find the idea right now to be overwhelming because you are constantly trying to pivot your agency to deal with regulation and payment reform. Let’s take a look at how to consider changing your current program to get the outcomes you desire.

Take A Hard Look At your Current Program:

Who is responsible for chronic disease care in your agency? Most of the time, we see it is wholly or almost wholly a nursing responsibility. This should be an active part of every clinician’s care regardless the discipline in the home. What type of education do you provide? Commonly, we see aides taught on hire and nurses taught the operations portion of what your home health does. This is often a teaching booklet and nurses are taught what is in it and the procedure of going through the teaching with the patient. Rehab staff often has no training related to chronic disease management in agencies. We understand that some agencies take a much more active role in ongoing chronic disease education with staff, but we are noting the majority of what we see going into agencies.

The next step is to understand how you have changed operations with your staff to alter “business as usual” once training is completed. This is often left unaddressed so clinical staff do return to the same patterns of care as before the training. This is not the fault of the clinician. They are trained to provide clinical care to the patient. They are not trained as organizational change agents for your agency. If you have not looked at changing the platform in which your agency runs when it comes to chronic disease, then your efforts will stall after completion of disease education. This is why we say that there must be chronic disease education for the individual clinicians and then education to the agency related to process changes. You must monitor and track communication, care planning, and outcomes and tweak the process along the way to fine tune it. It is then that you can successfully market your program and partner with providers because your program is truly better.

Let Us Help You Transition To Chronic Disease Excellence:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we can provide the online education to your clinicians which includes certifying your aides in chronic diseases. We can also work with you on site to focus your care planning and case conferencing processes to really make the difference you don’t currently see in your educational efforts. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help you!

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