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We Purchased A New Policy And Procedure Manual? Now What? What Is Next In The Road Map?

EditIn home care and hospice, having an updated policy and procedure manual is necessary. Whether you are considering a purchase or have already done so, there are some steps to finish the process. Let’s look at what still needs done. 

Add Your State Rules: 

Even though customized manuals have updated regulations for Medicare and accreditation, it doesn’t have your state regs. Unless you buy a manual that has your state accounted for, you must add what is necessary for compliance. You may be able to find manuals specific to your state regs through state associations or consulting agencies contracted to provide them to your state. 

What’s In Your Manual: 

If you purchase a manual, print it and sit it on a shelf, then you miss what you gain. The manual is customizeable for a reason. It allows for easy updates and changes specific to your workflow. You still want to make it easy and clear to follow how your agency complies with specific regulations. This doesn’t mean you need to update everthing in your new policy and procedure manual. It means you will want to customize some. An updated manual saves time and money, but still requires you to add specificity. 

Operation Manuals: 

Customizing your manual is huge in operations. You should have HR involved in what relates to employee procedure. This helps erase ambiguity handling employee benefits and personnel issues. Ambiguity can be difficult to defend in times of both. Workflow, chain of command, job descriptions, and evaluations are all part of a functional manual. Add or subtract what is specific to you from your purchased manual. 

Do You Need To Update Or Customize? 

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we offer online policy and procedure manuals for purchase. A senior consultant can also help you customize for your state or agency dependent upon your needs. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online today for a free consultation with a senior consultant. 

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