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Well, If You’re Not Pulling Your Hair Out Yet, Then Now Is The Time To Consider Interim Management Before You Need Hair Plugs

Interim management

The home health industry has been hit in the last several years. Whether we are talking changes to the COPs including emergency preparedness requirements, PDGM, or the challenges currently faced with the Covid pandemic, it has been tough. So, if your agency is struggling, then it’s time to consider short-term interim management.

But, I’m Not Looking For A New Administrator:

Well, that’s ok. It is time to consider the different functions of interim management. This is a tough transitional time for administration. You are trying to work with staff on integrated care plans and everyone working within full scope of practice. Meanwhile, coding and reimbursement challenges present themselves related to PDGM. Oh, and you also need to keep staff motivated and challenged through these changes. It’s a lot. So, you may see yourself or the agency falling short somewhere but not know exactly what to do to fix it. Enter short-term interim management.

Most people see interim management as a longer term process. This doesn’t have to be the case. Let’s consider interim management on a 1-4 week basis dependent upon your needs. Are you a start-up that needs that extra guidance help to meaningfully move forward? Maybe you have completed the education on integrated care planning, but haven’t been able to get all the pieces the come together. Do you still see HHRG scores lower than the average and don’t know how to make that change? Or, you need someone to objectively look at the operational process and help steer you in the direction of better financial viability. All of these are reasons short term high level interim consulting makes sense.

What Happens Next:

Let’s say you have come to the decision to make the leap into interim management but aren’t sure the time you will need from someone on-site or what will happen in the process. The first step is that call with the interim to determine needs and what the status of your current situation is. Then, the interim comes on site and evaluates the specific concerns of your agency. Then, you will receive a detailed plan of action and next steps to work through a process change. If the interim is to be a part of that process change, then it is put into action while the interim is on-site. The interim can help communicate the new processes and reason for the changes. Interim management can help to identify key players in change management for your plan. Making the commitment to move things forward can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Let’s Talk:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we want to help you move through regulatory and operational changes to make you financially and clinically sound. Give us a call at 206-721-5091 or contact us online today. Talk with a senior consultant free for 30 minutes about your specific struggles and what can be done to change your trajectory. You may decide short term interim management is exactly what you need.

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