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What Does Your Bottom Line Look Like In PDGM? How Do You Find Out? Are You Scared You Might Sink The Ship?

SuccessIn order to stay ahead in the Medicare home health world, you have to think ahead. If you are reactive, then you can easily find yourself way behind. Moving forward in the PDGM world, you need to understand the formula and how you will be impacted. Make the changes now to prep for success.

How Do Things Look If I Make No Changes:

The first thing you need to do is determine if what you do now loses you a bunch moving forward. CMS has a listing by provider number with what 2017 data looks like if we were in a PDGM model. Check out your provider number and the side-by-side comparison under PDGM Agency Level Impacts. This will help you determine what to do moving forward. Now, most agencies with therapy heavy numbers will see that decline in revenue with the loss of additional monies for therapy visits. You will also see that many subsequent 30-day time frames will resemble something more like a LUPA model for payment.

Don’t Panic If You See A Decline:

The first thing you might want to do is throw up your hands and say you can’t do it. Please don’t. In this time, you need to think ahead to what the vision of CMS looks like as these models progress. The more you do so, the more these changes can resemble the ongoing process to a medical home model base. If you consider the long term picture and not just what you have to do to get through tomorrow, then your whole agency can make changes effectively. It is the difference between hectic change and methodical operational shifts. Make sure you are well-educated on PDGM now so you can be ready in a coordinated way. Educate staff so they understand the process in a way that makes sense for each discipline.

Don’t Forget The Documentation:

As you move through operational change, documentation can get lost in the mix. Know what documentation should look like for PDGM as part of your education to clinical staff. The emphasis on interdisciplinary care planning is crucial and done correctly will only make the transition easier.

Let Us Know How We Can Help:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, our focus is the progressive movement of agencies forward with changing trends to help you succeed. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to help with your process into the home health of tomorrow!

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