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What Services Move You From Standing To Outstanding? Jump Into The Deep End Of Diversification To Keep Your Head Above Water.

Cliche’ dictates not to exist with all your eggs in one basket. Service diversification is scary to some. You think of the work and expense to develop new programs. It’s just easier to do what you have and not step out on that ledge. Right? If you want to be solid in the homecare/ hospice future, then you must do it. There is no option to avoid all risk here. A medical home model will require all types of service provision.  


If you are a small agency that has grown over time, then you know how workflow is often fluid. Individuals are cross trained and do multiple job positions. It’s often the reality when the agency is small. Today, do you still have your agency functioning this way even though it is not the same agency landscape? This can lead to inefficiencies you didn’t realize you had. Make sure you aren’t struggling because of how you work. 

Diversification of Services: 

Whether you need to provide a specialty service in your skilled home health or want to branch into Private Duty or hospice, now is the time to consider. As our home and community-based world of care continues to expand, agencies will need to provide more to sustain a long-term business model. Diversified services provided in a continuum allows for more coordinated care. Transitions from private duty through skilled and into hospice with the same agency allow the patient to maintain clinical staff.  

Hit The Start-Up Lanscape In An Organized Way: 

While maintaining your current business, make sure to systematically move forward with your start-up. Often, the start-up portion becomes secondary and the process stalls. As administration, there must be realistic timing and framework allowing staff to move the process forward. At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we specialize in agency start-ups and diversification. We provide the education and support needed to move your plan forward. Whether you need side-by-side education to clinical staff or administrative support, we can help. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online for your free 30-minute consultation.  

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