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What’s In Your Policy And Procedure Manual? Is It The Nuts And Bolts Of Your Business? Why Or Why Not?

policy and procedure manualsPolicy and Procedure Manuals may be something you don’t think about in your day-to-day operation.  You run your business making decisions everyday. Maybe the idea of your manual is just for procedures and not about personnel management or development of a smooth running agency.  Let’s make sure you see the value of updated policy and procedure manuals.

Questions To Ask Yourself:

If you think about your policy and procedure manuals, then there are a few things to consider.  Ask yourself these things:

  • How Often Do You REALLY review policy?
  • How Often Do You Refer To Your Manuals In Day-To-Day Practice?
  • What Is Staff Perception Of The Policy And Procedure Manuals? Do You Know?
  • Is Your Manual Up To Date?

Problems With Policy And Procedure Manuals:

Too often, agencies do not use manuals in a way that helps to run the business.  If you are an agency that does, then that is super.  If your policy and procedure manuals are not used in a functional way, then decisions are not uniformly made throughout the agency.  Outdated manuals lead to issues with regulatory compliance and personnel management. If you do not refer to your manuals routinely, then your manual isn’t what it needs to be.  You need to have something that all employees refer to from administration down to line staff.

Making It Your Nuts And Bolts:

First and foremost, update your manual.  Agencies often work from outdated policies that have not been adhered to for years. Employees need to have a manual that functions as reference material. If it isn’t reference material, then mistakes are made. Surveyors look closely at policy manuals. Policy and Procedure manuals need  to be useful. If employees don’t know it is your agency bible for decision making, then your manual becomes a weakness as opposed to a strength.

Let Us Help You With New Policy And Procedure Manuals:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have policy and procedure manuals available for purchase online. There are home care, home health, and hospice manuals.  We also have updated manuals with accreditation policies in place as well.  They are easy to edit and add anything particular to your agency as you see fit.  Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help your agency run smoother with updated manuals. If we can help, then we would love to do it.

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