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When Is ICD-10 Coding Just A Number? Make Sure Your Homecare Agency’s Answer Is Never!

ICD-10 codingICD-10 coding is often overlooked in agencies with a small Medicare census. This leads to inaccuracy and documentation that doesn’t fit the diagnosis. If you aren’t focused on coding, then you need to be. As we move into 2020, agencies need to focus more on accuracy in coding and documentation in order to maximize use of resources and avoid audit.  

“We Have Very Little Medicare, So Our ICD-10 Coding Doesn’t Matter”: 

Yes, it does. ICD-10 coding isn’t just a piece of the reimbursement puzzle. It is about clinical accuracy moving forward in a PDGM world. It’s also about avoiding audits and understanding how your diagnosis affects the care plan visits. Sometimes agencies think because their census is small that they are off the radar. This is untrue. Cycles of ADRs without a true understanding of compliance puts you more at risk. For small agencies, multiple auditing rounds can lead administrators to sell or completely close up shop.  

Get It Right The First Time: 

Small agencies often have someone internally code. If you have invested in a certified coder, then that is great. If your certified coder is also your office manager and jack-of-all-trades, then can you really expect coding accuracy? ICD-10 coding requires ongoing skills. It also requires the coder to be on alert for changes to coding rules and knowledge of how to tie coding into Oasis data. Getting it right the first time allows clinicians to guide the care planning process for a Medicare beneficiary. Without it, you miss reimbursement and clinicians function separately from understanding the code. It happens all the time.  

Let Kenyon Be Your Coding Headquarters:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, our ICD-10 coding team are certified in Oasis as well as coding. We have senior consultants that guide the care planning process. This allows for efficiency in use of resources while linking the codes to the care plan. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can improve your processes and become your coding headquarters. We will complete 5 free recodes free of charge. See what you are missing. 

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