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Why Hanging Onto A Homecare Manager May Cost A Lot More Than Money

A good manager is a key factor in keeping your homecare organization on track and growing, but a poor manager can be just the opposite! Let’s take a look at how interim management can help you flourish.

Poor Management Hurts Your Homecare Agency:

Save moneyMany times, small to medium-sized agencies operate months or years on end (or permanently) without fully trained and highly experienced managerial staff. It may be a star nurse promoted into a managerial role, only to reveal that star workers don’t automatically translate into star managers.A manager needs to focus time on helping others to perform at high levels, organizing work force and being ready to recognize and seize opportunity whenever possible. When this does not happen, agencies lose revenue, develop cash flow issues, and turnover increases. Many times this manager is helpless as productivity and efficiency suffer.

Why Does Homecare Rely On Poor Managers?:

It is understood why a superior manager puts an agency in better position than a poor one. Why, then, does anyone retain less than the best management personnel? Typically, it happens during a transition period. “My homecare manager just left and I can’t find the right replacement”. It may also be in-house loyalty, reluctance to try something new, or that premium management means a high salary . But better management can ultimately boost revenue, referrals, and drastically reduce turnover. After losing a manager or needing a more experienced one, look to invest in a homecare interim manager. Experienced interim managers can run effectively and efficiently run the agency while you find the permanent solution.

How A Homecare Interim Manager Can Get You Back On Track:

There are many benefits to professional homecare interim management and here are just a few:

  • Interim managers know how to work well with others to boost productivity and attitude. This avoids employee loss that occurs when management changes.
  • Interims provide opportunity to objectively assess your agency with “fresh eyes”. They can identify root problems previously unrecognized and be part of a successful solution to the issues.
  • Interim managers often excel at acclimating new hires and filling other vacant positions with the right person.
  • Good interim managers help improve operations across the board, from clinical to financial..


A well-trained interim manager empowers your agency during transition periods to keep agencies from falling behind. The alternative is losing money, employees, and potentially your reputation. Kenyon HomeCare Consulting offers an Interim Management Program to help through a transition until you find a permanent manager. To learn more, call Kenyon today at 206-721-5091 or fill out our online contact form.

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