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Why ICD-10 Coding Needs To Be Your Home Health Holy Grail

Many know “The Holy Grail” from a certain Charleston Heston movie which shall go unnamed (involving a final “crusade” for the magical cup). The holy grail is found to deliver happiness, everlasting youthfulness, and unlimited supplies of food and other necessities. What is the holy grail in home health? One good answer would be ICD-10 coding.

The “Miraculous Powers” of Perfect (or near-perfect) ICD Coding

The homecare industry is growing by leaps and bounds. This creates opportunities for home health organizations and saves hospitals and taxpayers up to 50%. Home health is a competitive sector, and unless you are reaching your reimbursement potential, your agency is likely struggling instead of thriving. The remedy many times is to maximize reimbursements via improved ICD-10 coding. Here’s how:

  • Rely only on certified, homehealth-specific ICD-10 coders. Experienced coders simply code better and faster. Hospital and home health coding are not the same language.
  • Invest in continuing education for coders and clinicians alike. If you code in-house, you know ICD 10 changes can be monthly! Your coders need to keep on top of it.
  • Keep your coders and clinicians communicating well.  Collaboration before, during, and after documentation means all the difference.

Consider Outsourcing ICD Coding (your grail) to Industry Experts

ICD coding is so important to the success of homecare. Coding in-house can be a burden. Management time spent coding decreases time for case management . It can be difficult to find, hire, and keep good ICD-10 coders. Even if you have a great coding staff, back up coders for extended vacations, medical emergencies, or if someone leaves unexpectedly is necessary. Plus, outsourced coding can both save you money on employee salaries/benefits and potentially boost reimbursement rates by 29% to 48%.

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, we can protect your “holy grail” with outsourced coding which can: increase revenue, improve turnaround time for better cash flow, and prepare you for increased growth since staff can focus on clients instead of codes. To learn more about our Coding Plus Program, continuing staff education offerings, and other valuable services, contact Kenyon today by calling 206-721-5091.

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