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Your Administrator Is Really Green. Get Them From Green To Seasoned With An Interim Manager. It Will Save A Whole Lot Of Headaches And Money In The Long Run

interim management

Whether you are a home health start-up or an established agency, having the right admin for your business is crucial to get it going or keep it running smoothly. Today, we would like to look at reasons why short term interim management may be the answer to helping a green administrator become an old pro. Let’s consider a couple of scenarios where interim management may be your answer.

The Internal Hire:

So, let’s say your agency needs a new admin and someone internally may be the answer for you. However, they don’t have all the experience from being in a higher level admin position. Basically, your agency will be the one to give them that. The individual knows your agency well on the middle management level and is a loyal employee who fits in with your agency mission and philosophy for running the business. Now, you are struggling as to who will be there person to get them up to speed. It’s ok if that person isn’t you. If your agency has multiple service lines or is part of a health system, then you have other things to manage and don’t have the time to properly on board this person. Enter interim management.

Because hiring Interim Management here gives you someone with years of experience and high-level admin, it makes sense. Since you are hiring from within, there will be a good portion of on boarding that is already there. Your current employee will need the high end of managing it all. Teaching the fiscal responsibilities according to Medicare is important. CMS does not allow a hands-off approach to financial or clinical matters. So, your admin needs to understand and be able to communicate all operational matters within the organization. How is AR managed? Who oversees AR? How is the complaint process managed? As the admin, what role do you play in these matters? These are just a few of the items you may see a surveyor ask the admin and expect he or she be able to oversee and communicate process measures. Interim Management can help the admin trainee understand all of the back end operations as well as understand intimately things like PDGM.

Ok, So What About Hiring Someone Green To Save Money?

This is something we commonly see. You may have experienced applicants that can roll right into the position, but they want twice the amount of money you really feel you can afford to pay. So, you find someone who has all the personality and drive, but just needs someone really skilled to get them up to speed. This allows you to hire in at a salary level that makes you comfortable. But, this still leaves you with the dilemma of how to get them the experience and training they really need. Again, enter interim management. That green employee may be a diamond in the rough now, but properly on boarded, you may have exactly what you need with the initial investment of the interim manager.

So, How Long Do I Need To Have Interim Management:

This really becomes the million dollar question, right? With the right person in the position, a green individual can really thrive with 1-2 months of interim management on-site. You may find that with the internal hire, that they are sharp and already keyed into a lot of operations. This may mean less on-site time with the interim. Let’s say you have the interim on-site for 2 solid weeks. Then, the interim can complete some remote contract hours with your new admin to keep them focused on objectives and determine where knowledge deficits still exist. Then, maybe after a month off-site, the interim comes back on for a week or maybe two dependent upon the progression of the trainee. There really is no perfect formula. How much time the interim is scheduled on-site really is based upon how your new admin progresses and what you decide with the interim is the best way to proceed.

Let Kenyon Homecare Consulting Be Your Interim Answer:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we have supplied interim management for decades to those agencies in need of the services. Whether you just need the on-site training or you want the interim to fill the position while finding someone to fill the role, we can help. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help your agency get from a green admin to an old pro!

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