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A To Z Results: How To Use Disease Education To Create Elite Staff

An elite homecare team is made up of aides who have been with your organization for a predetermined amount of time, show interest in furthering their careers, are dedicated to providing top-notch client care, and are willing to learn new things to achieve both their personal goals and those of the agency. To give these superior aides the best chance for success, provide them with advanced chronic disease education.

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How Disease Education Builds an Elite Staff

Why support an elite group of caregivers through disease education? Consider the ALPHABET!

Above Average Knowledge – Chronic disease training gives your aides knowledge they won’t receive through standard caregiver training.

Best Practices – Educating your aides assures they will implement industry best practices when managing clients and communicating with families.

Client Care that Exceeds Expectations – Chronic diseases are the cause of seven out of 10 deaths every year. Employees well-trained in chronic disease are able to provide specialized care to your clients.

Dedicated Employees – Providing advanced disease education and creating an elite staff gives staff purpose and a goal to strive for, resulting in better job dedication.

Enthusiasm For the Job – Disease education for aides gets employees excited about work again. It reminds them of why they chose this particular profession.

Furthered Careers – Disease education gives employees a career path, ensuring they stay with you long-term.

Growth for Staff and Organization – Not only does disease training provide employees the opportunity for personal growth, but organizational growth through specialty services .

Help With the Hard Stuff – With the right advanced education, caregivers have the knowledge to identify red flags and report deteriorating client symptoms.

Increased Productivity – The more aides know, the more they’re able to do. In this way, advanced education leads to a productive work environment.

Joy that Overflows to Your Clients – Elite caregivers experience a level of satisfaction and joy that’s evident in their work.

Keen Eye for What Clients Need – Chronic disease education provides knowledge required to deliver specific care allowing clients to remain at home.

Leverage Against Competition – Having an elite staff gives your organization an immediate edge over the competition.

Money for Expansion – With the referral growth disease education fosters for your organization, you’ll have the funds to expand your reach and help more clients.

Newfound Satisfaction – Creating an elite staff through disease education brings a sense of accomplishment, improves your agency’s culture and makes aides better caregivers.

Opportunity to Thrive – Advanced education fosters a successful and thriving homecare organization.

Possibilities Beyond Measure – The possibilities that result from creating an elite staff through advanced education are endless for employees and your organization.

Quiet Confidence – Intelligence has a way of boosting aides’ self-esteem.

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals – When clients receive superb care, they tell their friends and family. And when medical professionals in your area know you invest in your aides, they trust you with their patients.

Specialized Services – Aides who complete chronic disease education are able to provide services that your competitors simply can’t offer.

Time to Focus on Other Things – When you choose to utilize online disease education, your employees self-manage. They study as their schedule permits, when it’s convenient for them, allowing them – and you – to spend working hours on client care and business-growing activities.

Understanding to Make a Difference – Disease education provides knowledge to recognize worsening conditions averting client hospitalizations.

Vision for the Future – With a highly educated, elite staff, the future of your homecare agency looks bright!

Winning Attitudes – It’s simple – educated aides possess winning attitudes because of a boost in confidence.

Xtreme Success – There’s no way around it. Disease education helps you build an elite staff, which produces “x”treme levels of success.

Years of Experience – Disease education gives your aides the benefit of learning from professionals with years of experience.

Zero Regrets – There’s no way to go wrong with advanced disease education, so you’ll have no regrets.

Kenyon HomeCare Consulting and Disease Education

With Kenyon HomeCare Consulting’s Chronic Disease University, you’ll experience the A to Z results outlined here and more. Get started today.

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