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Are You Tricking or Treating Clients With Inadequate Aide Training?

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When you agree to provide homecare to clients, you make a promise to provide superior care to the best of your ability. If you don’t follow through with that promise, you’ve played a cruel trick on those counting on you. And that’s certainly not the kind of trick clients want to experience this Halloween!

How do you make sure you’re treating clients, rather than tricking them? By giving your aides the best education possible, so in turn, they provide excellent, specialized, individualized care.

Inadequate Aide Training Tricks Clients

The last thing you want to do as someone your clients trusts is to trick them. But even if it’s not your intention, failing to provide adequate aide training does just that.

How? By not making good on your promise to provide superior care to those who depend on your organization. Lets discuss a few issues you will run into without proper aide training:

  • Lack of knowledge to deal with extenuating circumstances – Basic aide training simply doesn’t educate caregivers on many of the overwhelming issues that plague the nation’s elderly today.
  • Increased staff turnover- If employees aren’t valued, provided means to advance in their position or educated on the constant changes in the medical field, they will find another place to work.
  • Lower overall client satisfaction – It’s not hard to distinguish well-educated caregivers from the pack. When clients feel their caregivers are incompetent, they’re less likely to feel happy with the level of care they receive.

Advanced Aide Training Treats Clients

We know you care about your clients. These people are the reason you went into business! As a leader, you are dedicated to delivering only topnotch services. Providing advanced training for your employees is the best gift you can treat your clients to this Halloween.

Reasons your clients will thank you for treating them with well-trained aides include:

  • Enhanced chronic disease care – Only aides with the best education can provide the sort of specialized care that’s needed for clients with chronic illnesses.
  • Fewer hospitalizations – No one likes to leave home and go to the hospital. Advanced training provides aides with the ability to quickly recognize and report health concerns that lead to unnecessary trips to the emergency room or a hospital admission.

Advanced Aide Training Benefits Homecare Organizations

Educating your aides beyond the basics not only benefits clients, but it also benefits your organization as a whole. Here’s why.

  • Professional Referrals – Your reputation in the community is partially reliant upon how educated your caregivers are. If professionals within the healthcare industry know you’re created an elite staff to provide the best care possible, they’re more likely to send you referrals.
  • Employee Satisfaction – By giving employees the chance to improve their abilities, you allow them room to grow. Advanced aide training expands employees’ career paths within your agency, which makes aides happy and leads to reduced turnover.
  • Sets you apart from your competition– With advanced chronic disease education, your aides are trained to provide specialized, specific care. Your competition isn’t equipped to provide these services your clients/families want and your referral sources expect.

At Aide University, we provide everything you need to treat your clients to the best experience possible through highly-educated aides. With chronic disease education your caregivers will learn:

  • How to recognize worsening or new symptoms
  • Common medications and their side effects used to treat particular diagnosis
  • Ways to reduce trips to the emergency room
  • How to provide specialized care for specific chronic conditions

Advanced aide training benefits your entire organization – your clients, your employees and your bottom line. Are you ready to make the jump? Find out more about Kenyon’s Aide University here.

Will you trick or treat your clients this Halloween?

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