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Does Your Agency REALLY Manage Chronic Diseases?

chronic disease management

It’s often difficult determining whether your home health agency succeeds in specific areas. In Managing Chronic Disease, weakness can be challenging from inside the organization.

Evaluating Chronic Disease Management Success

With overwhelming chronic disease in our country, management is crucial for growth of any home care organization. How do you know your agency is doing it well enough? Performing a thorough evaluation of your agency’s operations and procedures is the only way to truly comprehend where you stand with chronic disease management. Here are five questions to ask.

1. Does your agency keep up with the times?

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) are upon us. Offering successful chronic disease care depends more and more on a thriving ACO. Joining an ACO is more complicated than it sounds. The first step in successful chronic disease management is preparing your team for that REALLY means.

2. Are team members well-informed?

Effective chronic disease care requires effective “education.” Knowledge is integral when serving clients with specific needs relating to chronic disease. Clinical staff must understand warning signs, medication side effects, and common symptoms. Do they? And, how does your agency evaluate core competency after teaching is completed?

3. Is the clinical staff following proper protocols?

Sometimes, small errors slip through the cracks. Maybe, staff forgets to document an important fact about a client or report changes before a client goes to the ER. To succeed with chronic disease care, tighten your protocols . Enforce protocols regularly—including those that affect chances of joining an ACO.

4. How long has it been since your agency revised its procedures?

If you have clear-cut, well-written policies and procedures that get updated regularly and have every piece of vital information your agency could ever need, that’s great news. For everyone else it’s time to review your procedures to see what works and what doesn’t. Is there anything you could do more effectively? Take time to determine what needs changed to provide the best possible chronic disease outcomes.

5. Does management take advice from outside sources?

As mentioned earlier, it’s challenging to see weaknesses within your organization. You’re often too involved. Calling in outside reinforcements is a great way to determine where your agency stands. Whether it’s consulting, training and/or education, an expert in the home health field can help your agency grow and thrive.

How Kenyon HomeCare Consulting Helps with Chronic Disease Management

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting, our expert consultants provide agencies with thorough organization assessments, leadership training, hiring assistance, interim management services, and much more. Additionally, home care agencies often take advantage of our top-notch caregiver training, Aide University. To learn how we can improve your chronic disease care, reach out to us today.

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