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Reasons To Not Provide Aide Advanced Disease Training

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As a leader in the homecare industry, you strive for excellence in everything you do. You pride yourself on providing the best client care, you network with others, stay up to date and plan for the future, and you always bring your “A” game. But what about educating your frontliners, those you count on to support clients day-in and day-out?

You Shouldn’t Participate in Aide Advanced Disease Training If…

Maybe you think you’ve got aide training covered. And maybe you’re right. Here are six reasons you might not need aide advanced disease training.

1. You enjoy the challenge of an undereducated staff.

Your staff knows enough to manage the things on their to-do lists and keep your organization running. What if something goes wrong or productivity suffers because of a lack of knowledge? Well, you just consider that a rewarding challenge.

If, on the other hand, you’d love to know – without the shadow of a doubt – that the caregivers you rely on are confident and have the knowledge to handle more than routine care, consider aide advanced disease training. Standard caregiver training is simply not enough to boost productivity and efficiency to the level you require.

2. You’re content with the number of clients currently served.

You think there’s no way you can manage clients that need more cutting-edge care. Maybe your staff feels overwhelmed, or you simply don’t have the competent resources needed for growth.

If you aren’t satisfied with the status quo then think about providing advanced disease training for your aides. This level of education offers your caregivers the ability to properly handle red flags and recognize worsening conditions. In return, clients and referral sources will refer friends, family and their patients to your organization.

3. You believe your competition has worked hard and deserves to outperform you.

You’ve gotten to know the owner of a homecare agency down the road, and you really like her. You don’t want to see her lose business.

But there’s a way to gain an edge over you competition – if you’re so inclined. Advanced disease education affords you the ability to offer specialized services and provide care for chronic disease clients. Your competition, no matter how nice, simply can’t meet these needs without advanced education!

4. You find things interesting when turnover rates are high and you must solve the cost equation of rehiring vs. budget.

Do you enjoy the process (and cost) of finding, hiring, and training replacements? If so, then definitely avoid advanced education for aides.

If you’d prefer keeping your employees long-term and avoiding the high costs of constant turnover, then advanced disease training is your answer. It gives aides the education necessary to build their careers and grow within your organization, which increases retention.

5. You think the epidemic of rising chronic diseases has been highly exaggerated.

Maybe older adults have always suffered from chronic illnesses, but they are now living longer or in the past diseases weren’t well-documented.

Several reliable sources including Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, cite the growing increase of chronic disease. Their findings estimate that by 2025, half of the U.S. population will be affected by at least one chronic disease. With these numbers, it’s crucial for healthcare organizations to take action now. For you, that means giving your aides advanced training.

Finding the Right Aide Advanced Disease Training Program

When you decide to provide aide advanced disease training in your homecare organization, it’s important to do some research and learn all your options. Is the program designed for working adults? Is it convenient? Does it include advanced care knowledge needed to help prevent rehospitalizations, such as warning signs of a worsening condition and when your aides need to to call their manager?

At Kenyon HomeCare Consulting’s Aide University, we offer a comprehensive learning program that was created by industry experts to give your aides the tools for success. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

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