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Make Sure Your Staff Wants To Be At The Party! Are You Afraid Your Recognition Strategies Still Have People Considering Leaving?


Recruitment and retention strategies are tough in home health. When you consider wages alone from some other providers, we don’t have the reimbursement to entice employees on that premise alone. Regardless of the discipline, employers have to continually nurture employee relationships to make people want to stay. So, if the employer is doing well with recognition, then why are turnover rates increasing?

Well, Define Recognition:

This is really key. Because we go into different agencies, Kenyon sees different recognition strategies. The common thread in agencies struggling with recognition strategies is what defines recognition by those in charge versus the employees. Some administrators define recognition with employee praise.  They write individual notes or acknowledge employees in newsletters. Others define it as a tangible reward like a gift card or monetary present. Others like group recognition that acknowledges all employees in an office such as an additional half day off paid. These are all good things, but you have to really be in tune not only to what you find valuable recognition but what your employees value as well.

Know How To Read Your Room:

There are some administrators that are very firm about not recognizing employees for doing their jobs because “it’s their job”. There are employees who thrive on praise. It is what makes them tick. Meanwhile other employees don’t need that praise because it comes in their paycheck. If they go above and beyond, then they want to see it in a tangible offering from administration. You have to be able to read your room of employees to know how to approach incentives. Many employees get incentivized while others feel overlooked. Maybe someone else played a part in that employee’s success and it gets missed. It’s easy for administration to approach something with a fantastic motive and still somehow get it wrong in the eyes of the employees.

When reading your room, you also have to consider the different generations of employees in play. Do you approach incentives with a millennial the same way you do a baby boomer? How do your Gen X’s and Y’s fit into that mix? Ultimately, finding the balance between 4 or more generations of employees all working together is no easy task. Keep your eye on your mission and the employees who best serve it when providing incentives. Make sure your incentives are both tangible and intangible to accurately fit the needs of the employees you have.

Do You Need Help With Recruitment And Retention?

Whether you need someone to evaluate your operations and overall strategic plan for retention or you just need to put incentives into place that make sense for your agency, Kenyon Homecare Consulting can help. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see if we can help solve your recruitment and retention issues.

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