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In The Game Of Recruitment And Retention, Do You Know Why You Are Losing In The 7th Inning Stretch? Want To Hold The Pennant At The End Of The 9th?

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Successful recruitment is an art form. Retention is a another focus from there. But, a lot of agencies are struggling to get the right people in the door to even start the process. If you see recruitment as one of the most important tasks in your agency, then it is time to objectively consider where you hit a home run and where you strike out. Let’s take a look at your recruitment process and how to streamline it so the dollars you spend are not wasted.

Recruitment- Step-By-Step:

  1.  It Begins With the Ad: You need to develop an ad that accurately depicts the requirements and qualifications needed to fill the position. It needs to be written to promote the appropriate applicants. If you need a nurse in your organization, then it should be a no-brainer that the person actually holds a nursing degree, correct? We have seen applicants apply for nursing positions based upon caregiving to a family member or friend. Don’t assume anything. It will waste your recruitment time and money if you do.
  2. Place The Ad Appropriately: Some agencies still rely heavily on newspaper ads and in some areas it may be very appropriate. However, consider how much you utilize electronic sources such as recruitment websites and social media. Results are there. Even if you have an ongoing need for positions such as home health aide, you must have strategic periodic breaks to how and when they are actively published to increase efficacy.
  3. Screen Applicants: Utilize a screening tool to know if the applicant meets the requirements you have to be a good fit for the patient’s home or in your office setting.
  4. Promptly Interview: It is critical to interview and move quickly on those who apply to work for you. If you are interested, then so are a dozen others. How quickly are they willing to make the interview happen? How many interviews have they been doing and how many others are they scheduled to see? Conduct your first and second interviews and make your decision.
  5. Successful Onboarding Is Critical: How many employees have left before ever finishing orientation? Has this been chalked up to something wrong with them or is your orientation process underdeveloped?

Let Us Help You Develop Successful Recruitment and Retention:

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