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Thinking about Private Duty? Not Sure If You Want To? Check These Items Off Before You Start The Process To Make Sure You Finish Successfully!

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People read the news. They know that our population is aging and the baby boomers are in the age of homecare. So, it may seem appealing to start non-skilled home care services. Yes, the need for Private Duty services will continue to increase as more clients who need care are staying at home longer. However, as with any new business venture you need to consider the ups and downs prior to jumping in full steam ahead.

I’m New In The Industry:

This is the case for many new private duty agencies. Years ago, private duty or non-skilled homecare was more commonly an additional service line added to an existing skilled home health agency. Now, more agencies are opening as independent companies providing assistance with ADLs and IADLs and companion services. Here are our top 5 things to consider before starting a private duty agency:

  • Competition: How big of a territory are you going to cover? Rural or Urban? Population of your target market?
  •  Type of services you will offer: After looking at the competition, will you need a niche’ market to set yourself above the rest? Consider creative uses of  certain technology in services or contracting to do installation of emergency response systems.  If you are in a state where delegation is allowed, then maybe your homecare aides can work in MD offices assisting with care. Depending on what you find in competition, you may need to consider creative ways to put yourself ahead of the rest from the very start. You may also want to consider private duty nursing in states where it is carved and doesn’t require you to be a Medicare certified agency.
  • Having the capital to succeed: You need some decent money put back or available for you start an agency effectively. You should plan for at least $30,000 to get going effectively. You will need to pay for licensing and staff training to get moving before you ever earn a dime. So, it is often a misconception that it is not expensive to start a homecare agency.
  • Marketing: You need to understand where and how to market your agency effectively. A ton of time and money can be spent marketing where other agencies have a lock on market share. So, look at non-traditional marketing venues where you can provide real value to those you are educating about your services.
  • Consulting: If you are brand new to homecare, it may make a whole lot of sense for you to consider hiring a consultant to help. Senior level consultants can help with license prep, policy and procedures, mock surveys, instruction on regulatory requirements and staff on site training. Most consulting agencies have offerings of hourly or monthly consulting as well as start-up packages that include policy manuals and insurance coverage. You can receive assistance with all aspects of preparation leading up to survey.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Can Help:

Kenyon Homecare Consulting has the full spectrum of consulting services at your disposal regardless what type of agency you want to start. Give us a call at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to talk with a senior consultant about the steps of starting a successful agency and how we can help you get there.

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