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Are You Considering Starting An Agency? How About A Technology Niche’ To Put Yourself Ahead Of Other New Guys?

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When starting an agency or looking to diversify, it is important to know what makes you different than everyone else. The home care industry is very competitive with lots of agencies opening from traditional private duty to home health and hospice. So, what makes your agency the one people will want to use? Think about that first.

Developing A Niche’ Market:

Now, we understand that starting an agency costs money up front for the owners. But, starting an agency without a plan to set you apart can cost a lot more. We live in a day where electric vehicles deliver groceries directly to homes without people. Telemedicine visits have more steam behind them than what we have ever seen. Refrigerators have the capacity to order food for the patients. Wearable technology allows for patient monitoring 24 hours a day. We really have exciting things that affect the world of in-home patient care. So, if you are starting an agency, maybe you want to look into being the ones that put patients in the know about these items.

Consider the daughter who lives out of state who still has a mother who wants to remain home. Would this patient end up in assisted living care because she can’t go out to grocery shop? You can be “the agency” that helps with coordinating¬† technology like the smart fridge so groceries are delivered and the patient can live safely at home. How many agencies in your area provide this type of service? It means training the staff to assist clients with the technology that allows them to remain home. Now, not everyone will have the smart fridge, but how many family members would invest if it meant the patient could stay home instead of being in a SNF? In addition, how long before these types of items are part of a government benefit? It doesn’t take rocket science to understand how much cheaper this investment is than time in the SNF. Ultimately, it is about setting yourself apart. If you want to be the agency that stays on top of technology and how it can benefit patient care, then start now with your new agency or diversification.

Kenyon Homecare Consulting Can Help Your Start-Up:

At Kenyon Homecare Consulting, we focus on helping agencies provide the highest quality care. If you need assistance starting your agency, we can help with regulations, education, license prep, and mock surveys. We will look at your market and what might be the niche’ to set you above the rest. Call us today at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help you!

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