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Branding Your Agency: What Does Your Tag Line Say About You? Is It Enough To Set You Above And Beyond The Rest?

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So, what is your agency’s brand? How do people know you versus other home health, home care and hospice agencies? Many people see the brand is in the logo or a jingle. What really needs to be discussed is what is beyond the advertising. This is what defines your brand. Have you discovered that “special sauce” that differentiates you from the rest? If not, then this is where you need to focus moving forward.

How Do You Market Your Agency?

When you consider marketing your agency, what is your process? Are you personally out there marketing or do you have a team that does it? Do you have a set marketing strategic plan? How to you measure metrics behind the success of your marketing efforts? Do your clinical staff participate? Are your efforts more traditional or have your sought out ways for you to stand out within your community? When you consider the competition you have for referrals, whether skilled, non-skilled, or hospice, there has to be a reason you continue to receive referrals. Do you know the reason? That may seem like a silly question, but it isn’t. Can you, as an administrator, review your admissions and determine why your agency was chosen? Here are the following reasons we often hear:

  • Clinical Staff: There are often certain clinicians who will bring business your way. Stable long-term staff are noticed within the community.
  • Marketing Staff Is A Continuous Presence In The Face Of Referral Sources: Maybe you are able to account for specific referral sources and relationships that have flourished with good marketing staff.
  • Name Recognition: A long-standing presence within a community means most patients see you as the best game in town as long as you provide quality care.
  • Visual Media: Consumers are visual. And while these types of advertising are expensive, they still tend to be very effective.
  • Word-of Mouth: We all know this to be a highly effective way to gain referrals.
  • Community Involvement: Does the community see your agency in parades? Do you sponsor things locally within the community? Do you provide education in the community? Consider how your agency gets noticed by those not directly in the healthcare field.

Are You Tracking Your Data?

Regardless the reason you think you are getting referrals, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. You may cover a highly saturated market. So, considering non-traditional marketing approaches are key to growth in your business. The bottom line is you really need to know what is working and not working in the marketing arena so you don’t waste money on what isn’t. Should you need assistance with your marketing objectives or need to understand where to target your marketing dollars, Kenyon Homecare Consulting can help. We can help with market analysis in your area and help you develop a niche. We can help you consider your non-traditional marketing venues. Call us at 206-721-5091 or contact us online to see how we can help you make the most of the marketing dollars you spend.

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